Millersville University, Faculty Senate
15 April 1997

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:08 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210. All departments were represented except Art, Economics, Educational Foundations, Foreign Languages, History, Sociology and Anthropology, and Special Education.


The Senate approved the 1 April 1997 minutes with one correction: "Women's Studies Curriculum Committee" replaces "Women's Studies Steering Committee" (p. 4191).


Chairperson's Report

Chairperson D. Eidam reminded Senators of the special meeting on 22 April at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst 210, and he distributed an annual fund progress report (Attachment A). He announced that Student Senate President P. Leahy was unable to attend the day's meeting and there would be no report from student senate. The chairperson also said the elections for the Women's Studies Curriculum Committee would be postponed until a list of eligible candidates was forwarded from the Provost's Office. Committee chairs were reminded to submit refreshment receipts for reimbursement to the chairman, and, to submit their annual activities reports by 1 May 1997 with an electronic copy to be sent to Senator M. Warmkessel. Item X, the introduction of "The General Education Revision Plan" document (Attachment D), was added to the day's agenda. Lastly, the chairperson announced the need to elect a new Senate chairperson in December 1997. He will not be a candidate.

Administrative Reports

Provost F. mcNairy commended the Joint Faculty and Student Senate Conference Committee on the publication of its "Proposal for a Four Year Contract with Students" (see Attachment A, pp. 4196-4201, 1 April 1997 minutes).

Reports of Standing Committees

Academic Policies

Senator K. Bookmiller introduced and answered initial questions on the "Amendment to Academic Minors Policy" (Attachment B) which was placed on the 6 May agenda.


Senator R. Wismer introduced under the two meeting rule:

Under the one meeting rule, he introduced the Psychology Department's Proposal to increase credits from 30 to 33 in its three double majors.

University Academic Theme

Senator J. Piperberg, reported the committee met on 14 April and will meet again on 21 April to hear proposals for the 2000-2001 theme. He indicated the committee's choice would be announced at the 6 May meeting.

Academic Standards

Senator J. Piperberg anounced the summer meeting dates had been set.

Special Reports by Faculty Senate Committees

Senator W. Dorman said he and Dianne Fleishman, Director of the Co-op Program, had attended a professional meeting on co-op education. The details of the activity would be in the committee's annual report.

Course and Program Approvals

The Senate approved the Option in Environmental Chemistry.



Linda Suskie, Assistant to the President for Special Projects, presented the results of the 1996 CIRP freshman survey. The survey is administered at orientation to students who voluntarily self-report the data. The results of the current survey are based on a 65% response rate and compare MU students' responses with those of other high school seniors admitted as freshmen to four-year public institutions nationally (Attachment C). Student respondents listed MU as their first choice for a higher education and that the university's good academic reputation; ability of graduates to get good jobs, low tuition; and, overall size were determinants in their selection process. Forty-five percent of the surveyed students indicated they planned to pursue graduate degrees. The incoming students also described themselves as:

Suskie also indicated MU freshmen reported strong interests in coming to college to gain a general education and to become a more cultured person. Factors such as coming to college to make more money or to prove self-worth were of declining importance while MU's reputation for placing students in top graduate schools gained in importance among the respondents. Suskie concluded the presentation with comparisons of male and female students' responses to questions on topics including college plans, social activities, academic goals, etc. citing that women emphasized MU's academic reputation and graduates' success rates as influences on their decisions; while men reported seeking the degree to be well-off financially, to be an authority in their chosen field, and to be able to start their own businesses. Senators followed-up with questions on aspects of the results and requested the report be made available electronically.

General Education Revisision Plan

Chairperson Eidam recognized Dr. James Sheridan who presented the General Education Revision Plan (Attachment D), the subject of the special meeting called for 22 April. Dr. Sheridan thanked Judy Lintner for her support services, the General Education Task Force, and the Senate for its participation. While reviewing the parts of the proposal, Dr. Sheridan also acknowledged the role of Dr. Bonnie Duncan and those members of the English Department who contributed to the broader description of ways the "W" requirement can be fulfilled. A brief discussion of the document ensued; then, Dr. Sheridan announced the date of the open forum (4/28) and the referendum (4/30).

In preparation for the 22 April meeting, which the Chairperson ruled must lead to an up or down vote on the plan pursuant to Senate and the Task Force's operating rules, a McLeod-Peters motion to end debate at 5:15 to allow time for the vote passed. The vote will occur earlier if debate ceases before 5:15 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 5:33 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 May 1997, 4:05-5:45 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller
Acting Secretary

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