Millersville University, Faculty Senate
2 September 1997

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the first meeting of the Fall semester to order at 4:08 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210. All departments were represented.


The Minutes of the 19 June meeting were approved as read.



D. Eidam announced he will serve on the Administrative Computing Advisory Committee. He appointed Senator K. Schreiber (Geography) to the Medal Fund Committee and Senator D. Hutchins (Computer Science) to The Academic Computing Advisory Committee.

The Senate unanimously approved a necessary correction to the Governance Manual concerning the election schedule of the Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee (See Attachment 2). Information about the Senate may be found on its Web page (See Attachment 3). The creation of a Mail Reflector was approved on a Warmkessel-Dorman motion.

The chairperson called the Senators' attention to the 6 August 1997 administrative approvals report (See Attachment 4), directing the Secretary to highlight the following in the day's minutes:

Election results will be posted promptly on the Senate Webpage.

Student Senate

Student Senate President Melissa DiNofia began her remarks with the distribution of a student senate informational pamphlet. Over the summer, she reported, the Student Senate worked with the orientation program, attended a retreat with its executive board, developed the pamphlet distributed to the Senators, and identified its agenda for the coming year. Off-campus housing, working with Career Services to develop a Resumé Book, streamlining the allocations process, and working with other student governments were mentioned as priorities in her administration. The Student Senate meets 11 September.

President McNairy

President McNairy, previewing her remarks for the Convocation 9 September, indicated she would be discussing the balanced budget, the status of the Capital Campaign, and on-campus construction projects. She reported on MU's listing in U.S. News and World Report as #4 in public institutions in the Northeast.


Dr. Rydell stated her intention to return to Senate in October to discuss the facility's master plan before the Senate. She announced ten offices will be moving to the renovated Lyle Hall during September and October. Also, the parking lot refurbishing projects are continuing due to contractor problems. The Boyer lot entrance will be reconfigured; the James Street lot will be paved this week; and, new parking spaces will be added in the Lyle area to accommodate the relocation of Career Services, Counseling, Academic Advisement, the Co-op Office, Financial Aid, the Registrar's Office, and other student services.

Dr. R. Thomas thanked the faculty and student affairs staff who participated in the orientation programs. He was asked about the new parking tags and he announced a memo from Wayne Silcox, Chief of Campus Police, would be circulated shortly answering questions which their office has received since the program's inception.


Dr. Stager, Acting Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, reported enrollment numbers were above last year's. Details will be forthcoming. He also reminded the Senators that plus/minus grading is now an official policy. He distributed, by campus mail, a memorandum detailing the changes in the General Education curriculum. A similar document was distributed to students, and, the information will be repeated in registration materials. He noted three points about the budget: 1) Dean's Council requested and received approval of $800,000 in equipment for instructional programs; 2) $400,000 was allocated for student computer labs; and 3) new tenure-track faculty members have received computer work-stations for their offices. Dr. Stager reminded Senators of the $10,000 network budget which enables faculty to upgrade existing work-stations. Phil Shaak handles the requests. He indicated the Technology Vision Task Force's plan goes before PAC as the last step in its implementation process. Dr. Stager announced the Fall Convocation, 9 September, 4:30 p.m. in Lehr Dining Room, and the Garden Supper, 12 September at 5 p.m. (invitations for both have been mailed). He asked that the discussion of the Banner Project (described in his September 1 memo, "Staffing Changes") and the Technology Vision Task Force Report be placed on a future agenda.

Dr. Roller, Associate Provost, announced new faculty orientation mentors and participants are needed for 1998.

Dr. Casselberry, Acting Associate Provost, said the assessment projects begun last year will continue. Dr. Nichols will return October 9 and 10 and Group I assessment plans will be due to Dr. Casselberry by September 30. Catalog revisions are due in the deans' offices by October 10. Style sheets have been circulated to department chairs. The last day any revisions could be received is November 14, when the catalog copy is sent to Public Relations for printing.


The following four courses were approved:


The election of members to Senate committees began at 4:55 p.m. with a unanimous consent motion to elect uncontested candidates by acclamation (Yelagotes-Dorman) and ended at 5:15 p.m. when the last ballot was cast.


The item was RTA'd for the September 16 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 5:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller, Secretary

Prior Minutes
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