Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Don Eidam, Mathematics
DATE: 8 July 1997
RE: Proposal to Revise Governance Manual Language

MOTION: Change Governance Manual as follows:

[Undergraduate Studies: Course and Program Modification Policies: Approval Procedures]

1. ...Any decision of the appropriate Course and Program Review Committee may be reviewed by the Faculty Senate; however, if a decision on a new course (is not challenged in the next two senate meetings after it has been reporteed or if a decision on) or the new designation of existing courses as Liberal Arts Core, Perspectives, C, Q, AW, W, (and/or QARC) is not challenged by the next senate meeting after it has been reported, the decision will be considered approved by the senate.

The effect is to replace the two-meeting rule for new undergraduate courses with a one-meeting rule.

This motion is in the interest of accelerating the course approval process.
New graduate courses are under a one-meeting rule. New programs, even new undergraduate and graduate degrees, are under a one-meeting rule!
The language of the G.M. indicates that the "decision" is made by the UCPRC. Challenges on the Senate floor would continue to follow the traditional algorithm: (1) in the event of a challenge, tacit approval is placed on hold; (2) challenger and proposer confer to attempt to reach agreement; (3) in the absence of agreement, a vote is taken at a subsequent meeting. In fact, there have been three preliminary challenges in the last five years, only one of which came to a vote.
Requests for waivers of the two-meeting rule have increased, and such requests have always been approved by Senate.
The APSCUF/MU President indicated at the June meeting of the Council of Trustees that simplifying and accelerating the approval process was a goal for the upcoming academic year.

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