Millersville University, Faculty Senate

2 September 1997
Attachment 2

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Don Eidam, Mathematics
DATE: 2 September 1997
RE: Necessary Changes in Governance Manual

I shall ask for your unanimous consent for the following minor changes. The first change reflects the odd/even election schedule which evidently has in fact been followed since the Committee's inception; the other changes are updates.

a. Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee
(1) Membership (voting members: 7 faculty, 2 students)
(a) The Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee is composed of one faculty representative from each of the four academic units and the non-school faculty elected by Faculty Senate in the fall for two-year terms. Representatives from Education and Social Sciences are elected in odd (even) numbered years and representatives from Humanities, Science and Mathematics, and non-school faculty are elected in even (odd) numbered years. A person may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
(b) Two faculty members appointed by the provost. One is appointed each fall for a two-year term.
(c) Two Student representatives are elected by Student Senate as voting members for two-year terms.
(d) The Provost or designee serves as an ex officio non-voting member.
(e) The chairperson is elected by the Faculty Senate from the Faculty Senate membership at the first Senate meeting of the fall semester for a three-year term provided he/she retains Faculty Senate membership.
(f) The terms of the chair and faculty members begin in September and end in August of the appropriate year.
(a) The Committee develops and oversees a plan for the implementation of outcomes assessment of academic programs, subject to the approval of Faculty Senate.
(b) The Committee initiates policy recommendations and reviews proposed policy changes. the Committee presents its recommendations to the Faculty Senate.
(c) In addition to regular reports to Faculty Senate by the chairperson of the Committee, the (Assistant Provost) Associate Provost for Academic Administration reports to the Faculty Senate at its request or when deemed necessary by the Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee.

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