Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment 5
Faculty Senate Minutes
18 November 1997

WHEREAS, Professor Gordon Wise has announced his retirement from the Art Department after 28 years of exemplary service; and

WHEREAS he has been department chair for the last 26 years and were it not for his stabilizing influence and gentle persuasion, the department would not have run nearly as smoothly as it has. He has commanded the respect of his department and warranted its praise for his ability to administer so easily and effectively, neither as a benevolent dictator nor an enlightened despot, but rather through kindness and sensitivity; and

WHEREAS he has been consistently rated by his students over the years as an outstanding teacher who "showed enthusiasm for teaching," "stimulated interest in the subject," and was always "receptive to questions;" and

WHEREAS he viewed the classroom as a place to meet, draw, discuss, and improve--a simple, yet extremely effective approach, the success of which is attested by the quality of the works produced under his tutelage; and

WHEREAS he tailored his approach to each student and faculty member by treating them with respect, dignity, and caring, he made them not only better artists and educators, but better people as well; and

WHEREAS he has compiled an impressive exhibition record, both for his paintings, as well as his drawings; and

WHEREAS he has frequently been called upon, because of his expertise and fairness, to be a juror whose role was to assess the respective merits of a large number of works in order to determine an award winner;

WHEREAS the Art Department will miss a man whom we are pleased to call a friend. We wish him well whether racing his cars, sailing his boat, or indefatigable conversationalist that he is, waxing eloquent on any of a number of favorite topics with the fortitutde and endurance of a Demosthenes;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Art Department, in honor of Professor Gordon Wise's numerous accomplishments, recommends that he be granted the rank of professor emeritus.

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