Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment 6
Faculty Senate Minutes
18 November 1997

WHEREAS Paul Talley retires in May 1997 after serving on the faculty in the Department of Communication and Theatre for 32 years; and
WHEREAS He kept live theatre vital at Millersville University as the director of and advisor to University Theatre; and
WHEREAS He devoted countless hours on evenings and weekends to communciating the love of theatre to generations of young performers; and
WHEREAS He shared his creative vision through the design of innumerable costumes and stage sets; and
WHEREAS He brought the joy of performance into the classroom through his teaching of Introduction to Theatre Techniques, Communication 100, and Acting, to name just a few; and
WHEREAS He offered his perspectives and wisdom to the department over the yars through curriculum development, peer mentoring, and committee service; and
WHEREAS He performed professionally on stages across the county; and
WHEREAS He fostered relationships with the theatrical community in the region to the benefit of Millersville University faculty and students; and
WHEREAS He enriched the cultural climate of the University and the community through his artistic leadership and tireless efforts;

THEREBY BE IT RESOLVED: Paul Talley be given the honorary title of Professor of Communication and Theatre Emeritus.

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