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Faculty Senate Minutes
2 December 1997

Director of General Education

The director will be a member of the faculty who will be given released time (6 hours, each regular semester and 6 hours during the summer) to execute those aspects of the management of our general education program that are most apropriately managed by a dedicated member of the faculty. If the faculty is to retain significant control over curricular matters, it is imperative that leadership of the general education program be entrusted to a faculty member.

S/he will function in a manner similar to a department chair, and also, to the directors of other programs such as the Honors Program, International Studies, African-American Studies, Women's Studies, and Hispanic Studies. Other duties associated with general education will be performed by appropriate members of the regular administration; the director will be the faculty's liaison with these administrators. The director will report regularly to an administrator designated by the provost and to the faculty, through the Faculty Senate and the General Education Review Committee. S/he will coordinate the various components of the general education curriculum by providing information, and assisting with school and department activities. The director will be an advocate for the general education objectives and curriculum, always acting with the advice and consent of the faculty and appropriate administrators.

Duties of Director of General Education

  1. Initiate and assist with faculty development programs regarding general education, including orientation of new faculty, continuing education for all interested faculty, and special events. This is the key to making sure that the general education program is owned and appreciated by the faculty, and that they regularly explain it to students.
  2. Assist faculty and staff in the task of helping students understand and appreciate the general education program and its rationale, especially as a part of orientation.
  3. Be available to faculty advisors, administrators, and students who have concerns about the general education programs and to make sure that these concerns are taken seriously.
  4. Coordinate the assessment of general education by working closely with department chairs, deans, the appropriate faculty committees, and the associate provosts.
  5. Be an advisor and advocate to the UCPRC for courses proposed for general education credit.
  6. Meet regularly with the General Education Review Committee and be guided by their policy decisions.
  7. Meet regularly with a member of the administration designated by the Provost, to discuss general education concerns such as the scheduling of general educaiton courses, problems students and faculty are experiencing with the general education program, etc.
  8. Compile an annual report on general education.
  9. With the assistance of the GERC, conduct the Five-Year Performance Review of the general education program.
  10. [Administer the budget for general education programs.] (This assumes that there will be a budget for faculty development, special events, general education assessment activities, etc.)

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