Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes
18 February 1997

Motions Regarding the General Education Review Task force

Advanced Writing Requirement

1: The task force should completely withdraw both its reference to the English department and the statement about the advanced writing requirement.

Controlling Cost

One of the three reports the task force considered was a cost analysis. Very few conclusions could be reached with certainty. Was the new general education curriculum contributing significantly to higher costs? One cost increase seemed to be the movement away from large, entry level courses. This is why some of the committee recommendations are aimed at allowing a controlled migration to larger 100 level sections. Were P courses costing a lot of money? No--the average class size of P courses was greater than that of most courses. Other than these and a few additional conclusions, it became obvious that a good way of determining cost was not in place. Additionally, what happened to the task force on controlling administrative costs?

2: The task force should devise a strategy to assess cost or at least begin planning such a strategy. An acceptable method of assessing cost is needed just as much as the assessment piece for curriculum. Otherwise, we will not be able to do cost benefit analysis.

3: The task force should accept responsibility to look into cost dsavings on the administrative side. When the recommendations return to the senate they should incude a plan for the investigation of administrative cost savings. One order of business should be to obtain a report from the task force on controlling administrative cost.

Senate's Response to the Task force's Recommendations

The senate should respond to the task force report issue by issue, not line by line. Let's get the concepts and leave the editing to the task force. I will move that we proceed to 4: discuss the specific recommendations one by one, limit the discussion of each to no more than 30 minutes and entertain motions on concept at no later than the 25 minute mark. This schedule can be adjusted by appropriate action if needed; at least it gives us some direction and some hope of getting through this in a reasonable time frame.

Joe McCade

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