Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment 3

Faculty Senate Meeting

3 February 1998

TO: Department of Health and Physical Education
FROM: Mr. John Apple
DATE: December 8, 1997


Whereas: Carl R. Kane, Assistant Professor in Health and Physical Education, retired in May of 1997 after 31 years of teaching, advising, and coaching at Millersville University; and
Whereas: Assistant Professor Kane served the Department and the University on numerous committees, including the Department APSCUF representative, the University APSCUF Negotiations Committee which he chaired; and the state APSCUF Negotiations Committee; and
Whereas: Professor Kane served his profession and the community as an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer and Instructor in Lifeguard Training, Standard First Aid, C.P.R. for the Professional Rescuer, and Water Safety and received the American Red Cross 30 year volunteer award; and
Whereas: Professor Kane was active in curriculum development within the department and developed the original wellness course and was a regular contributor to the University-wide Wellness Newsletter; and
Whereas: Professor Kane was active in athletic coaching for many years serving as an assistant coach in football (offensive co-ordinator), track and field, and men's swimming; and
Whereas: Professor Kane was an active advisor for the Bicycle Club, Bowling Club, and Undeclared/Undecided majors; and
Whereas: Professor Kane utilized his professional training as a basis for voluntary community service as an Aquatics Director for the American Red Cross, by developing intramural programs such as the Airdyne Bike Race, The Biathlon, and The Triathlon; and by providing training in spinal injury management to Boy Scouts of America, Lancaster City Fire and Police, and the Lancaster County Forest Fire Associations; and
Whereas: Professor Kane served as acting director of intramurals and recreation along with facilities co-ordinator during the summers of 1988, 1989, and 1990; and

Therefore be it resolved, that Assistant Professor Carl R. Kane be granted the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Emeritus.

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