Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment 5

Faculty Senate Meeting

3 February 1998

TO: Millersville University Faculty Senate
FROM: Library Department
RE: Resolution for Emeritus Status for Association Professor Donald K. Tribit
DATE: December 4, 1997

WHEREAS Donald K. Tribit, Associate Professor, Periodicals Librarian, retired in January 1998, after 36 1/2 years of service to Millersville University; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has been a dedicated and exemplary librarian both to the department and to the profession as a whole; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit supervised the growth and development of a Periodicals/Microforms collection from a few hundred titles to a broad based collection, encompassing several thousand titles, which undergirds the university curriculum; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit chaired numerous library committees including the Space Allocation Committee, where he was responsible for relocation of Periodicals in Ganser Library, reorganization and expansion of periodicals, and the synergistic refinement of various areas throughout Ganser; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit served as Library Department Chairperson over a period of 10 years of evolutionary growth in interaction with three library directors; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit was an active member of APSCUF, elected as a delegate to the Legislative Assembly and serving since 1979 as Health and Welfare Specialist to the Millersville University faculty, thereby providing interpretation of evolving benefits, supplying forms, and regularly participating in system level meetings in Harrisburg influencing the growth and development of a superlative benefits system; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has provided leadership in professional organizations, serving as both president and vice president of the Lancaster County Library Association and as treasurer of the Millersville University chapter of AAUP; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has chaired/co-chaired national, state, and local professional library/micrographic association meetings, workshops including one on binding presented to Middle Atlantic area librarians; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit was co-chair of exhibits for the Lancaster-based annual conference of the Pennsylvania Library Association; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has demonstrated scholarship in publications including articles in American Libraries, College and Research Libraries News, and a chapter "Periodicals Management" that was included in a Greenwood Press reference work entitled The Smaller Academic Library: A Management Handbook; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has tangentially supported the entire university through his extraordinary talent for winning numerous vendor drawings at professional conferences, thereby adding valuable furniture and equipment to the library; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has been active in library cooperative efforts including serving as a member of the inaugural three-person steering committee directing the formative development of the ACLCP Library Cooperative of Central Pennsylvania, chaired the ACLCP Periodicals Committee, and negotiated an institutional membership for ACLCP with the internationally focused Universal Serials and Book Exchange (USBE); and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has served in an official capacity in fraternal/civic endeavors across the state including serving over more than a ten year period on behalf of Senators Heinz and Wofford respectively on their Eastern and Central Pennsylvania Service Academy Review Committees; and
WHEREAS Professor Tribit has undergirded the common vocabulary of the Library Department in a tangential and synergistic manner through the expert use of such words as "undergird," "tangential," and "synergistic;" and
WHEREAS Throughout his distinguished career, Professor Tribit has remained open to new ideas as evidenced by his active participation in professional conferences and organizations including the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, North American Serials Interest Group (charter member), Phi Delta Kappa, Advisory Committee of the Interlibrary Delivery Service of Pennsylvania, PSEA (life member), Beta Phi Mu (international library science honor society -- life member); and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That Professor Donald K. Tribit be granted the honorary title of Associate Professor of Librarianship, Emeritus.

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