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7 April 1998

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Chryst 210. All Departments were represented except Business Administration, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, and Health and Physical Education. The Student Senate President, Melissa Dinofia and Snapper reporter, David Burkholder, also attended.

The Minutes of meetings of March 3, 1998 and March 17 were approved following the emendations.

Mar. 3. Name should read Rich France instead of Frerichs.
Mar. 17. P. 4399 Refs. To Macs, PCs and Dell deleted. Spelling of name p. 4402 Ana Borger-Reese P. 4402 Biology 628 and Nursing 560 are approved as new courses. R. Wismer proposal is a minor change. D. Eidam said the Senate will not be acting on this. He has already submitted that proposal to the administration (p. 4401) and p. 4397 the administration has amended our new academic proposal form.



D. Eidam said that last time he had given a call for elections and asked for corrections. He had received one from UCPRC which meets 2nd, 4th, and 5th Tuesdays, not just 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. the correction has been made. Nothing else has been changed. He requested that the attachment be made to the minutes as an advance call for elections for September. Normally we elect a low 40s number of positions. In September we will be electing 54 positions, 10 of which must be senators. (See attachment).

Monday April 13 Dr. Minna Weinstein head of Middle States accreditation team will be here speaking to faculty in Matisse 1:30-2:15 and to SPARC members thereafter. Senators invited to attend. Dr. Weinstein will be outlining what is expected of us for Middle States Accreditation which happens every 10 years.

Registrar Gonzales had provided a copy of the new Under Graduate Transcript. It has undergone some changes. At the top--Degrees Conferred, Honors and so on. Note under advanced standing credits, the transfer credits are summarized. This is on special paper so that when attempts are made to xerox it, it comes out with copy copy copy all over it and the Registrar's name removed.

D. Eidam held up a clipping from a newspaper that read: WCU Offers Free Room and Board for Summer. The article said that West Chester is offering free room and board to students who take six or more credits.

D. Eidam requested guidance regarding when to schedule the summer meeting. He normally schedules it in the first week of Summer I because this catches the Pre-Session and Summer I people. He requested that Senators e-mail him within one week as to when the summer meeting should be held. Even if there is nothing on the Agenda it is necessary to hold that meeting if there are courses in the queue so that they continue their progress through the pipeline.

Student Senate

Melissa Dinofia said students also would meet with the people from Middle States. The Student Senate will meet this week and Dr. Rydell will speak about the renovations to the dining hall as she did here. In the up-coming Student Senate elections three people are running for president, two for vice-president, and one for treasurer. No one is running for secretary. The date for the plus/minus discussion has been set for April 29, from 9:00 to 10:20 in the SMC.

The Student Senate Conference with the other 13 state institutions is to be held on campus April 24/26. On April 26 Chancellor McCormick will attend the business meeting and luncheon.

Melissa said she had sent letters to graduating seniors asking for their success stories to share that she could use in her speech. she extended an open invitation to the faculty to contact her with information about any interactions they have had with students that they think are extraordinary.

Administrative Officers


Dr. Caputo had two quick announcements and a question for the Senate to ponder. since the last time he was here the General Assembly had conducted its annual budget hearings. The senate hearings usually are models of decorum and they were again. there was nothing really eventful. The Chancellor was asked a lot of questions and responded well. The hearings before the house are always more raucous, rough and tumble and the questions more pointed and in the last four or five years have been more hostile. They were again.

The issue that they dwelt upon for some time was interesting. Several months ago the Board of Governors empowered universities to seek permission to have programs that provide for discounting out-of-state student tuition. Mansfield was the first to seek authority for that. Members of the General Assembly, particularly the delegation from Lancaster did not react well to that. If we think about it from their point of view, the General Assembly is planning to give us the largest appropriation we have seen in years (5%) and the State System discounts out of state tuition, it does not make sense to them. Millersville is only one of three or four that has not sought to do this. The plan is pretty good for those institutions that have space on campus and empty seats in classes or have specific programs that are under-enrolled it is a good device for increasing revenue but on the surface it does not look that way.

The Early Retirement Program that the Governor signed into law for both retirement of state employees and teachers is a 30 and out program. Persons who have 30 years service are eligible regardless of age. There are some people on our campus that fit.

Question: One of our students who is graduating wants to know if his mother who is graduating with her Associate Degree at precisely the same time from a private university could come to our ceremony and graduate. Dr. Caputo asked if this seemed inappropriate to the Senate. He added that the mechanics would have to be worked out. there were no objections.


Provost McNairy said the West Chester summer program is designed to enhance the enrollments. The dollars to pay for that are coming from non restricted resources. Millersville's residence halls are packed; we do not have the ability to replicate the West Chester summer program. We would want to review such a program before initiating it here.

President Caputo commented that the General Assembly is saying that the budget is going to be done soon, probably in the next couple of weeks before the end of April. The major party, the Republican Party, want it done, the Governor wants it done; it is an election year. Around the state system this is a nervous time because this is the time that legislators may react to something that happens on campus with anger that is not unprecedented and take that anger out on our budget. It is not a good time to be making major decisions.

In response to a question about the possibility of a merger of community colleges with the State System of Higher Education so that we can accept their courses, President Caputo said there had been conversations for about three years about the possibility of some co-joining of the state system with the non-state system of community colleges because they are not linked to the system. And they have some problems because they are not linked. The question arose was it a good idea to have two systems. There would be huge political, economic and educational questions to be answered. There have been some meetings about this topic. President Caputo said he thinks we are a long way from it but someone got hold of the rumor and the Pittsburgh press started asking about it. The response was that there were no plans but there had been discussions. The headline came out talking about discussions and the story is taking on a life of its own.

Associate Provost Roller

Dr. Roller said that registration is coming up for fall semester and the registrar had told her that last year registration ran more smoothly and thanked the faculty for being there. The registrar is asking for assistance from people who are available Thursday and Friday, April 23 and 24 from 9:00 to 7:30. So we have sent a letter out to the chairs. What he needs are people to help students identify alternative options for courses that they can't get into.


University Theme Committee

J. Piperberg said that the committee met last week and will bring the recommendation to the next meeting of the Senate.

Co-operative Education

W. Dorman said the committee has republished the new student handbook for the program and hopes to work on the faculty handbook this summer.

Faculty Emeritus

A Department of Special Education recommendation that Professor Douglas P. LaPierre, Sr. be granted the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Special Education Emeritus passed. (See Attachment.)

Proposed Courses

Nursing Courses 541 Managing Health Care Organization and
542 Health Care Management: Issues of Policy, Ethics and Law
were tacitly approved.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden

Prior Minutes
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