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Faculty Senate Meeting

5 May 1998

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Chairperson Don Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented except Business Administration, Educational Foundations, Music, Political Science, Special Education. The President of the Student Senate, Melissa Dinofia and Graduate Student President, Lori Ramp, were also present.

The minutes of the meeting on April 21 were approved.



D. Eidam thanked senators who had submitted annual reports for committees and suggested that when they are asked about running for committees in the Fall that senators refer inquirers to these reports.

Two new senators have been elected for next year, but D. Eidam has not heard from most of the departments. He asked senators to make sure an election is conducted in their departments if their terms expire on August 31.

Senators have been attending lunch with candidates for the Vice President for Information Technology. Senators are invited to participate. The next meeting will be Friday [May 8] at noon, followed by another on Monday [May 11] at noon in McComsey. He asked senators to contact him if they are interested in participating.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting (the only summer meeting) is scheduled for June 16 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM in McComsey Auditorium. J. Piperberg will preside.

Student Senate

Melissa Dinofia said that the State Universities Conference held April 24-26 had been a tremendous success. About 80 or 90 students visited and were impressed with Millersville. Chancellor McCormick attended. The Student Senate had been asked to make a slide presentation for the next meeting of the Board of Governors in July. Melissa thanked D. Eidam and J. Piperberg and faculty who had attended the plus/minus forum.

The Student Senate has balanced its budget. Increases over last year's allocations were received by 58 groups.

A campus-wide referendum is being held to determine whether students would like to see professors share book list information with outside vendors.

Several sessions are being held with Dr. Robinson regarding problems with alcohol.

New student senate officers will be sworn in on May 7. Melissa thanked senators for allowing her to make reports. she enjoyed a positive experience at Millersville University and believes she has received an "Ivy League" education.

Graduate Student Organization President

No Report.

Administrative Officers


Provost McNairy said it had been a pleasure serving with Melissa. The provost recalled a remark Melissa had made last fall to freshmen--that her father had instructed her to "be a good president." Melissa has been a good president and the provost passed on her good wishes.

Provost McNairy encouraged senators and colleagues to meet the V.P for Information Technology candidates. She said this will be one of the most crucial decisions that will be made in the near future.

Provost McNairy also encouraged senators to attend Honors Convocation (Saturday May 9) and Commencement (May 16). She said that this had been a good year.



J. Sciarretta represented R. Wismer who had been called to jury duty.


Biol/Hnrs 222 Problem Solving in Botany (1-2 credit course)
HPED 323 Life Guard Training

Course Change:

Bio. Resp. Therapy: Change in title and course description of RESP 415, delete RESP 418, add RESP 419, and modify curriculum sheet for Resp. Therapy Program to reflect these changes. Change affects BS Biology Respiratory Therapy majors only.

Major Change in Courses/Curricula:

Social Work major change in required related: Econ 101: Principles of Economics 101 to be substituted for History 254 due to retirement of faculty member. History 254 was a required related course for social work majors. Retroactive to September 2, 1997.

General Education Review Committee

C. Stameshkin presented:
    1. Objectives of the General Education Program (see Attachment 1)
    2. General Education Review committee Proposal to deal with General Education Credit for Courses of less than Three Credits.(see Attachment 2)
The proposal re. courses of less than three credits will be placed on the Agenda for the meeting on June 16. The objectives of the General Education Program will be placed on the Agenda for the Fall.

D. Eidam asked if it was the committee's intention to replace anything in the Governance Manual.

C. Stameshkin said that the Objectives of General Education would replace that portion in the Governance Manual.

She invited senators to report back to their departments on the objectives and the proposal and added that she would be willing to provide more information should this be necessary.

Admission, Advisement and Student Affairs Committee

The committee met with Dr. Thomas regarding feedback on the issue of Greek Rush being extended to freshmen for the first semester rather than the second semester. After some discussion the committee supported this extension on a test basis.

Faculty Emerita/Emeritus

On an S. Luek/T. Kruse motion Dr. Joyce Scout Smedley was recommended for emerita status (See
Attachment 3).

On a J. Sciarretta/J. Piperberg motion Professor Gerald W. Burkhardt was recommended for emeritus status (See Attachment 4).

On a D. Downey/M. Warmkessel motion Dr. Ronald S. Benson was recommended for emeritus status (See Attachment 5).

Proposed Courses and Programs

D. Eidam said the Bio 209 (Horticultural Science) proposal changes the number to 327, changes the prerequisite and updates several of the options in the Biology Major. Tacitly approved.

New Course Esc. 447--Meterological Instrumentation, Measurement, and Observing Systems.

New Option Polymer Chemistry--carried

Changes in Admission and Retention to the major in Sociology/Criminology--carried.

Class Cancellation Discussion--University Theme Committee letter to Provost

After considerable discussion, the senate agreed to respond to the letter to the Provost as follows:

"We request the administration to encourage faculty and students in class during the hours of 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on a Friday in the Fall, 1998, to attend this academic program as a substitute for attendance in class."

Additional Agenda Item--Library Book Returns

Alternate Senator Meckley (Elementary and Early Childhood Ed.) said that candidates for degree had found they had to return texts to the library by May 1. This was causing difficulty for major project completion due next week.

Provost McNairy advised that students should be told to keep the library books until May 15.

J. Piperberg thanked D. Eidam for six years of service as Faculty Senate Chairperson. This was D. Eidam's last meeting as chairperson.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden, Secretary

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