Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment 3

Faculty Senate Meeting

5 May 1998

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Department of Psychology (Susan P. Luek, Faculty Senator)
DATE: May 4, 1998
SUBJECT Faculty Emerita Status for Dr. Joyce Scout Smedley

WHEREAS Dr. Joyce Scout Smedley has faithfully served Millersville University for 25 years and the field of education for a total of 36 years, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served as Chair of the Department of Counselor Education from 1989-1991, and has served as the Director of the School counseling Program in the Psychology Department from 1991-1998, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served as Faculty Senator from 1976-1989 and Alternate Faculty Senator from 1973-1975 and from 1992-1998, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served as a member of the Graduate Course and Program Review Committee from 1982-1989 and chaired the committee for six years, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served on faculty evaluation committees and search committees of several departments, as well as on many other uniersity-wide and departmental committees and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served as the Graduate Faculty Marshall for graduations held from 1991-1993, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served as an active member of many professional organizations, including the Pennsylvania Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, for which she served as chairperson of the Awards Committee from 1978-1990, and the Pennsylvania Counseling Association, for which she served as newsletter editor from 1978-1987, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley has given liberally of her time and expertise in the provision of in-service presentations to numerous local organizations and school districts, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley has presented many papers at state and national conferences of the American Counselors Association, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley was appointed by the Secretary of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Elizabethtown Hospital for Children and Youth in 1978 and was presented with the Meritorious Service Award in 1986 by the Pennsylvania State University for her dedicated service on the Advisory Board and her outstanding contributions to the program, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served on the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Association in Lancaster County and on several task forces of the Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program of Lancaster County, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served on several invitational committees, including the committee to review the standards for Certification of Professional School Personnel appointed by then Secretary of Education, Robert G. Scanlon, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley served on seven Pennsylvania Department of Education Program Review Teams and on the Commission on the Future of Graduate Education from 1991-1993, appointed by Chancellor McCormick, and
WHEREAS Dr. Smedley was the recipient of many awards and honors, including a Teaching Excellence award by the Millersville State College Faculty Assoication in 1980; a Professional Development Award, as one of 60 to participate in a national project for preparation of Gerontological Counselor Trainers, in both 1985 and 1988; Counselor Educator of the Year in 1997, by the Pennsylvania School Counselors Assoication; and the 1997 Susquehanna Township High School Alumni President's Award for Outstanding Service to All Humanity.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the faculty members of the Department of Psychology recommend that Dr. Joyce Scout Smedley be granted the honorary title of Professor of Psychology Emerita.

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