Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Meeting

5 May 1998

Emeritus Resolution

Prof. Gerald W. Burkhardt

WHEREAS Professor Gerald W. Burkhardt retired from Millersville University on January 2, 1998, after 30 years of highly distinguished service to the University community as Registrar, Coordinator of Academic Support Services, and Assoicate Director of the Office of Academic Advisement; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt, in all his University positions consistently and agressively served as an advocate for students so that they could fulfill their academic requirements and aspirations; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt promoted a sense of responsibility among students by fostering the notion that they be informed and accountable; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt enhanced a spirit of cooperation and trust between students and staff by his accessibility, congeniality, sense of humor, and concern; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt worked tirelessly on behalf of students with physical and learning disabilities, as well as with students in the June-January Program, by endeavoring to assure that special needs be efficiently and effectively attended to; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt was highly regarded by his colleagues across campus for his professional excellence and his personal attributes; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt counseled studnet not only regarding their general education and major requirements, but also in such areas as improving study skills, using time productively, preparing for examinations, and developing career goals; and

WHEREAS Proessor Burkhardt provided highly effective training of faculty on academic policies, general education, degree requirements, and learning disabilities; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt worked unstintingly for the general welfare of the University by serving on a vast range of committees, including Faculty Senate; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt served as an adviser to the Sigma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity for 15 years, the last two as president of the national organization; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt brought to every activity he was engaged in at Millersville University strong conviction, resourcefulness, and support to colleagues and students; and

WHEREAS Professor Burkhardt brought to the department and to the Univesity a steadying hand of reason, cooperation, fairness, wisdom, perspective, and an exemplary approach to guiding and inspiring students;

NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the Department of Developmental Studies recognizes and is grateful for Professor Burkhardt's many unique achievements and contributions to the Department, to the University at large, and, most importantly, to the welfare and benefit of thousands of Millersville University students; and, further,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty of the Department of Developmental Studies wishes Professor Burkhardt and his wife, Joanne, untold joy, peace, and happiness in their retirement; and finally

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty of the Department of Developmental Studies recommends that Professor Geral W. Burkhardt be granted the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Deelopmental Studies, Emeritus.

Proposed Motion: The Faculty Senate of Millersville University recommends Gerald W. Burkhardt to the Council of Trustees for approval as Assistant Professor of Developmental Studies, Emeritus.

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