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Summer 1998 Meeting of the Faculty Senate

June 16, 1998

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Acting Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM in McComsey auditorium. All departments were represented except Art, Business Administration, Computer Science, Counseling & Human Development, Earth Sciences, Elem & Early Childhood Ed., Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Nursing, Political Science, Sociology & Anthroplogy. Dr. William Smith, APSCUF-MU was also in attendance.

The minutes of the meeting on May 5 were approved following the changes:

The N in the name of Melissa DiNofia is upper case not lower case (p. 4419)

Class Cancellation Discussion (University Theme) to read as follows: "We request the administration to encourage faculty and students in class during the hours of 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on a Friday in the Fall, 1998, to attend this academic program as an educational alternative." (pp. 4422/23)



Acting Chairperson Piperberg reported that a number of submissions for course proposals (up to May 13 and one for May 20) had been placed on the web page.

Distance Learning Proposal

D. Umble presented the context for the request: to expedite approval of distance education delivery of three courses (see attachment), to permit home departments to offer traditional experimental courses, even though the courses under discussion are already approved as experimental courses, and that the Faculty Senate develop a course approval process for the distance education component of courses as soon as possible.

W. Smith (APSCUF MU) said that the contract requires that certian issues be addressed. He was present at the meeting to ask the Senate to develop certain evaluation tools, etc. for distance education components required by future projects. R. Wismer, Chair UCPRC, said he would like to meet with persons who have experience with Distance Learning proposals and other interested persons.

The Senate agreed that the courses under consideration could be taught on an experimental basis. If any department that has a distance learning course being taught on an experimental basis wishes to add another experimental course, permission for the addition can be requested.

After discussion, it was decided by consensus to refer the matter to UCPRC for consideration.

Student Senate and Graduate Student Organization -- not represented (No reports) Administrative Officers

Provost McNairy -- No Report

Committee Reports


J. Piperberg said that two Minor Changes had been approved by UCPRC.

These changes now specify placement in MATH 160 as pre-requisite for:

CSCI 161 Introduction to Computing I and CSCI 140 Discrete Structures.

J. Piperberg said that up until the present ESCI 226 had been a pre-requisite for ESCI 422. ESCI 226 has now been deleted as a pre-requisite for ESCI 422. ESCI 226 is still available as an elective for geology majors. Senate approval is not required for minor changes.

Academic Standards Committee

J. Piperberg said that the committee had considered 60 appeals. Of this number, 34 appeals were upheld and 26 were denied.

Proposed Courses and Programs

J. Piperberg said the courses listed below would be approved if there was no dissent. No dissent being heard, the courses were approved.

Bio/Hnrs 222 Problem Solving in Botany (1-2 credit course) (New course)
HPED 323 Life Guard Training -- Credit for this course increased from two to three hours.
RESP 415 -- change in title and description
RESP 418 -- deleted (collapsed into 415)
RESP 419 -- added (new course)

Major Change

J. Piperberg said the Required-Related Course Econ 101 is to be substituted for History 254 due to the retirement of a faculty member. The change was also made retroactive to September 2, 1997.

General Education Review Committee

J. Piperberg said he had received an e-mail message from Marie Zufelt with regard to the GERC proposal to deal with G.E. credit for courses of less than three credits. Associate VP Judi Roller had planned to speak to the matter for Dr. Stager, but was unable to attend. The matter was deferred until a later meeting.

Faculty Emeritus

On a C. Desmond/J. McCade motion Dr. James White was recommended for emeritus status (see

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be September 1, 1998.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden, Secretary

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