Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Meeting

16 June 1998

Faculty Senate Proposal
June 16, 1998

Millersville University, in partnership with West Chester and Shippensburg Universities, is the recipient of an $800,000, three year Special Appropriations Grant entitled, "Development of a Virtual University: A Model for State System Universities." During the Fall semester, the project plans include offering nine distance education courses, three from each campus. the proposed Millersville University courses include:

CSCI 161 Introduction to Programming I Dr. Muhammad Chaudhary
EDTE 590 Information Literacy: Creating Active Learners Drs. Joseph McCade and Marjorie Warmkessel
MUSI 365 Richard Wagner and Society Dr. Seymour Brandon

These courses have already been approved through the regular course approval process. In order to expedite the approval process for distance education delivery of these courses, we are requesting the following actions by Faculty Senate:

  1. That the three pilot courses listed above receive approval for delivery by distance education as experimental courses for the life of the grant (December 2000).
  2. That the home departments be permitted to offer traditional experimental courses even though these courses are approved as experimental courses for the life of the grant.
  3. That the Faculty Senate develop a course approval process for the distance education component of courses as soon as possible.
At the conclusion of the grant, the Faculty Senate will receive a report describing the activities and an assessment of the results of the grant project.


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