Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Meeting

16 June 1998

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Department of Educational Foundations
DATE: May 8, 1998

The following resolution was passed unanimously at the May 8 meeting of the Department of Educational Foundations:

WHEREAS James White has announced his retirement from the Educational Foundations Department and from Millersville University after 32 years of exemplary service and teaching; and

WHEREAS he has stimulated and inspired many undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom have gone on to outstanding careers in teaching and administration; and

WHEREAS Jim has supervised countless student teachers and supervisors, enabling them to become classroom teachers and department chairs; and

WHEREAS Jim brought honor, prestige, and equity to the University faculty through his three times being elected to lead faculty and serve as President of the State APSCUF; and

WHEREAS Jim admirably led the School of Education as he served the University as Acting Dean of the School of Education, during which time, for example, he recommended the move of major departments to Stayer and initiated major improvements in the planning process; and

WHEREAS Jim exhibited excellence in leadership in serving as Chair of the Department of Educational Foundations; and

WHEREAS Jim served the University as Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee; and

WHEREAS Jim revised the 211 Foundations of Education course in 1983, to fit the needs of the Industry and Technology students; he was appreciated by his many students, as shown by the certificate of appreciation he received from the Industry and Technology Student Association, in recognition of his excellence in teaching their students in the EDFN Foundations of Modern Education class; and

WHEREAS Jim has presented numerous publications to state and local groups, informing them of critical issues facing public and higher education; and

WHEREAS Jim has written hundreds of recommendations for his students, enabling them to go on to leadership positions in the field of education; and

WHEREAS Jim White developed the Education and Public Policy course, one of the core courses required for Masters of Education candidates, thus influencing future leaders; and

WHEREAS Jim worked closely on the proposed M. Ed. In Curriculum and the proposed Principal's Certificate programs, the latter of which may finally come to fruition fifteen years after his leadership began; and

WHEREAS Jim is recognized as an excellent teacher; his teaching is full of the results of research and with practical knowledge of the teaching/learning process. He challenges his students to think clearly, to defend their opinions, and to focus on what is best for their eventual education and for the profession; and

WHEREAS Jim served the University admirably and voluminously on numerous committees, such as: APSCUF Negotiations Committee Meet and Discuss Team, APSCUF State Meet and Discuss Team, APSCUF State Negotiations Team, Chief Negotiator, State Grievance Committee, State Grievance Chair, NCATE Governance Committee, Steering Committee for the Center for Politics and Public Affairs, Perspectives sub-committee of General Education Requirements, Professional Studies Review Committee, and the University Honorary Degree Committee; and

WHEREAS James belonged to and participated in professional and academic associations, keeping current and providing leadership in the field; and

WHEREAS Jim provided a model for his colleagues and fellow golfers, by traveling to Myrtle Beach yearly, during which time they discussed professional issues and proposed creative and new programs for their students, departments, and the University; and

WHEREAS Jim traveled to New York City with family, friends, and colleagues on numerous Medal Fund trips, to see current Broadway shows, eat fine food, and enjoy the comraderie of colleagues such as Scmidke, Will, Love, Klinedinst, Stengel, Isaak, Fritz, and others; and

WHEREAS Dr. White, as stated by a former Dean of Boys at a local school district, in a letter to Dr. Caputo, "is a fine representative of the University and an excellent ambassador for education," and

WHEREAS Jim will be sorely missed, and have a long-acting positive influence on his Department of Educational Foundations, the School of Education, the University faculty, APSCUF, and Millersville University at large; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we thank and congratulate Jim for his diverse contributions to the life of the University and its community and wish him much continued happiness, good health, and success upon his retirement from the University after 32 years, as he pursues new horizons, both professionally and personally; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Department of Educational Foundations recommends that Dr. James White be granted the rank of Professor Emeritus.

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