Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Meeting

15 September 1998

Tutoring Coordinators

School of Education
Industry and Technology 3316, Dr. Perry Gemmill
Psychology 3090, Dr. Rita Smith-Wade-El
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences 3650, Ms. Virginia Abendschein, Administrative Manager
Art 3298, Ms. Gail Twiford, Department Secretary
Business Administration 3566, Department Secretary
Communication/Theatre 3233, Ms. Ann Klemstine, Department Secretary has a form for people to fill out, which is then given to the student coordinator
Economics 3679, Secretary phone, Dr. Osman Suliman is currently the Faculty Coordinator (rotates every 2 years within the department)
English 3655, Dr. Stuart Foreman, Faculty Coordinator
Foreign Languages 3740, Ms. Carolyn Rittenhouse, Dept. Secretary (has a student coordinator, but that person changes frequently)
Geography 3557, Ms. Eileen Gaenzel, Department Secretary
History 3555, Ms. Maggie Eichler, Department Secretary
Music 3460, Dr. Keith Wiley, Faculty Coordinator
Philosophy 3051, Ms. Linda Sheets, Department Secretary
Social Work 3739, Ms. Kathy Kuhns, Department Secretary
Sociology/Anthropology 3547, Dr. George Stine, Faculty Coordinator
School of Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics 3783, Ms. Kathy Albright, Administrative Manager
Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics 2391, Ms. Stephanie Dolinger, Tutoring Coordinator
Mathematics 3532, Dr. Hisaya Tsutsui, Faculty Coordinator
Developmental Studies
Act 101/PACE 3682, Ms. Holly Berkebile-Kane, Graduate Assistant

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