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Meeting of the Faculty Senate

1 December 1998

Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:10 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented. Also present were Graduate Representative, Christine Schwarz, and Shelby Linton, representing the Student Senate.

The minutes of the meeting of November 17, 1998 were approved with minor grammatical corrections on p. 4523 and p. 4524.

Report of the Faculty Chairperson

  1. Chairperson J. Piperberg reported on the SPARC meeting held on November 30, 1998. During the meeting, progress on the Middle States Self-Study was discussed. The committees responsible for each chapter of the report are currently collecting data. Chairperson J. Piperberg asked the Faculty to provide the committee with any information requested in a timely fashion.
  2. The elections for the officers of the Faculty Senate will be held at the first meeting of the Spring semester (2/2/98). The Chairperson asked all those interested to bring nominations to that meeting. In addition, elections for the Chairperson of the Women's Studies Curriculum Committee will also be held at this meeting. Beverly Schneller is the current Chairperson and will not be seeking re-election.
  3. Graduation ceremonies will be held on Sunday, December 20 at 2 PM. The Chairperson encouraged all faculty to attend the ceremonies. Diane Koken, the Insurance Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Millersville University will deliver the Commencement address.
  4. Chairperson Piperberg spoke about his meeting with APSCUF representatives regarding concerns about the proposed objectives of the General Education curriculum. He announced that Bill Smith and Terry Madonna would attend today's meeting to discuss these concerns.

Report of the Student Senate

Student Senate President Linton spoke about the proposed increase in the Student Activity fee to $80 effective in the Fall 1999 semester.

Graduate Student Organization No report.

Reports of Administrative Officers

Provost Francine McNairy had no report.

Associate Provost Judi Roller thanked all faculty members who helped with registration. She also reminded the faculty that representatives from the Noel-Levitz consulting firm will be on campus on December 2 and 3 for the purposes of enrollment analysis.

Associate Provost James Stager reported on the results of the Spring registration. All reports indicated a successful registration and an absence of student complaints. The percentage of students registering for the Spring semester (96%) has been consistent over the last four years. The enrollment of full-time students for the Spring semester is at about 95% of the Fall enrollment. Registration will resume on Monday, December 7, 1998. Associate Provost Stager also explained that student teachers were allowed to register early. About 1200 students registered during the early registration period.

Reports of Faculty Senate Standing Committees


Committee Chairperson R. Wismer reported on the Criminology Option in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The details will be discussed at the next meeting Senate meeting on 2/2/99. Psychology 536, Applications of Biopsychology, has been approved by UCPRC and placed on the agenda of the next meeting.

Special Reports of the Faculty Senate Committees No reports.

Proposed Courses and Programs

  1. A change in core requirements for the departmental major in Social Work was approved. This change includes the addition of Social Work 405 (Human Behavior in Social Environment 11) as a required course recommended by their accreditation body.
  2. The two proposed options within the Department of Economics, Financial Economics and Political Economics, were approved.

Faculty Emeritus None.

General Education Review Committee

Discussion about the objectives of the General Education Curriculum was continued from the November 17 meeting. APSCUF representatives B. Smith and T. Madonna discussed their concerns regarding the objectives. (1997 General Education Revision Plan) Following significant discussion, a Desmond/Borger-Reese motion to approve the first six parts of Tier I of the General Education Objectives was defeated. A subsequent Clark-Newman/Yelagotes motion to consider each objective in Tier I individually and in order was carried. Prior to adjournment, the General Education Review Committee Chairperson, C. Stameshkin, announced that a meeting to discuss further changes to the document would take place on Decemeber 8, 1998. Attendance by all interested parties was encouraged.

The meeting adjourned at 5:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sepideh Yalda
Acting Secretary

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