Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Meeting

3 March 1998

To: Faculty Senate
From: Rick Kerper, Chair
Date: March 3, 1998
Re: Grading in Graduate Courses


That the university reaffirm the graduate grading policies printed in the 1997-1999 Graduate Catalog:

"In regular graduate courses the letter grades of A, B, C, F, I (Incomplete), and AU (Audit) will be used for grading student performance. For these, research reports/projects, and practicum courses H (Honors), P (Pass), F (Fail), and I (Incomplete) will be used. In workshop courses P (Pass) and F (Fail) will be used."


The motion from the floor of the Faculty Senate to use plus and minus grades was intended to apply to undergraduate grading only. A change in the graduate grading policy was not considered. A majority of the graduate program coordinators, sitting as members of the Graduate Course and Program Review Committee, have not found a compelling reason for changing the existing grading policy.

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