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Faculty Senate Meeting

21 April 1998

January 30, 1998

Dr. Francine McNairy
Millersville University

Dear Fran,

We write on behalf of the '98-'99 Academic Theme Committee to request your administrative support and financial assistance as we plan a true all-campus Convocation as the kick-off to the '98-'99 theme activities. As you know, the theme for next academic year is "Millersville University: A Community of Learners."

We are tentatively planning an open air program and picnic to be held either in/near the stadium or in the Gordinier quad. the event will begin late afternoon (4:15 PM?) and conclude at approximately 6:25 PM, and will cap off a day-long series of events and/or departmental "open houses."

The all-campus program will be designed as a kind of academic "pep rally," incorporating successful MU alumni as well as campus "notables." It will be completed with a picnic supper organized along the lines of the "Dinner for 500," that is, groups of faculty, students and staff will participate in semi-structured conversation around the SSHE priority for a focus on learning.

We are working with Rich Yednock to determine how we can accommodate and feed a large number of persons at a reasonable price, but no clear figures are presently available. We ask that you work with us to fund this event, perhaps by utilizing the funds alloted to the President's garden supper, the present Faculty Convocation, and the new student picnic. We also ask that you make it possible for all students and faculty to attend this event by cancelling classes from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this further.


Barbara Stengel Pat Hill
Educational Foundations Chemistry

for the '98-'99 Academic Theme Committee

Millersville University: A Community of Learners

In recent decades, theorists have confirmed what we know by experience: human learning is an interactive and communal process. Conversely, the construction of community requires thinking and acting in concert, i.e. learning about and with one another. During the 1998-99 academic year, Millersville University joins the State System of Higher Education in looking at learning as the university's reason for being. In a sense, this theme simply highlights the regular work of the university. We look at the university not as a community unto itself, but in interaction with other communities. We look at learning not as a purely academic affair, but also in its social and practical dimensions. We celebrate our connections with each other and with the communities beyond the campus. We celebrate as well the diversity that makes learning and growth both possible and impreative. We seek to make conscious what we are about as a "community of learners."

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