Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Meeting of the Faculty Senate

2 February 1999

Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:08 p.m. Chryst 210. All departments were represented except History, Music and Political Science, President of APSCUF, Dr. W. Smith, Dr. P. Hill, Director of the Center for Excellence, Dr. Robert Thomas, Vice President for Student Affairs and Graduate Student Organization representative, Christine Schwarz were also present.

The minutes of the meeting of December 1, 1998 were approved.

Report of the Faculty Chairperson

We will put on the Agenda at the next meeting consideration of postponing Phase 11 of the General Education Revision Plan passed in April 1997 (removal of W labels from writing courses) given that a lot of what we are discussing now might have some bearing on whether we want to do that. (See attachment to December 1 minutes.) Apparently students have been advised that the W labels will disappear as of Fall, 1999.

The Chairperson asked chairpersons of Senate Committees to prepare committee reports of committee activities for the year. The reports are due at the May (May 6) meeting of the Senate. The Chairperson also asked that committee chairpersons let him know which of their committee members are in their second term. Some of the committees have a two-term limit.

In addition, the Chairperson will contact senators about a date for the summer meeting.

Dean Berhow had asked the Chairperson to inform the senate about a distance learning course being taught contrary to the normal model. Professor Tom O'Brien is currently in Georgia and he will be delivering the course from there to students at MU via the Internet. Professor O'Brien will return during the semester to meet with the students.

The Chairperson ended his report on a sad note. Shortly before the meeting he had been informed that Mr. Don Eidam's mother passed away over the weekend. The Chairperson will send a condolence card to Don on behalf of the Senate.

Report of Student Senate No report.

Report of Graduate Student Association Representative Schwarz reported that the organization had conducted a survey to assess graduate students needs. The response had been overwhelming with 500 replies received out of 750 questionnaires

Reports of Administrative Officers

Dr. James Stager, Associate Provost. Dr. Stager asked the Senate's Academic Policies Committee to look at policies and procedures to see if there are any that are in conflict with the new Board of Governor's Academic Passport and Student transfer Policy and to ensure that Millersville's policies and procedures comply with this policy. (See attachment A, attachment B, attachment C, attachment D, attachment E, attachment F, attachment G, attachment H.)

Dr. Robert Thomas, Vice President for Student Affairs. Dr. Thomas said that during the Fall 1998 semester President Caputo said a task force would be appointed to deal with student alcohol abuse and recommend strategies the university might take. This task force has now been formed and the group met last week. The task force has been asked to develop a comprehensive and holistic set of plans to consider combating alcohol abuse. Last year a survey was conducted by student affairs and it might be that the current task force might wish to repeat the survey. The task force will report to Dr. Caputo,

Dr. Patricia Hill, Director of the MU Center for Academic Excellence. Dr. Hill announced that the Spring Convocation Planning Committee had been formed. This year Spring Convocation, the theme of which will focus on general education, will be held on February 18. Activities planned include a 15-minute humorous thought provoking theatrical skit, round table discussions at which facilitators will discuss goals in general education, another skit followed by a buffet dinner. Activities culminate in an open house at the Center for Academic Excellence where several activities will be offered throughout the day. Dr. Ell invited senators to encourage departments to visit the center.

Time Schedule for Feb.18 - Skit at 4:30 p.m.

Discussion at 4: 45 p.m.

Reports of Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC, Chairperson R. Wismer reported that the Department of Sociology and Anthropology had requested approval to implement the policy that states that "at least one-half of the work required for an option [criminology] must be completed at Millersville."

Honors Program Committee Chairperson M. Warmkessel announced that a consultant, Dr. William Mech, Dean of the Honors College at Florida Atlantic University will visit campus and meet with faculty and students on March 9-11.

M. Warmkessel announced that after 19 years service, Dr. John Osborne, the only Director the Millersville honors program has had, will be stepping down as director. The committee will be sending out applications for the position.

Special reports of Faculty Senate Committees--none

Proposed Courses and Proerams --The Senate approved Psychology 536, Applications of Biopsychology.

Announcement: T. Kruse--T. Kruse distributed the Middle States Self-Study Mission, Goals, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness Chapter Team survey on Effectiveness of the University Mission and Vision to senators.

Elections of Officers: 1999-2000

On a W. Dorman/J. Lynch motion, Joel Piperberg was re-elected Chairperson

On a W. Dorman/J. Lynch motion, Melinda Rosenthal was re-elected Vice Chairperson.

There were no nominations for the Secretary position and an S. Luek/Anna Borger-Reese motion suspended senate rules to permit Jane Alden (an alternate) to serve as Secretary.

C. Desmond was elected to fill the vacant Chair position on the Women's Studies curriculum committee this semester.

Nominations for the Fall 1999, 2000 and 2001 term for the Women's Studies Curriculum Committee chair will be considered at the next meeting.

Enrollment Management. Associate Provost Judi Roller presented a substantial report on Enrollment Management. (See Attachment I, Attachment J).

General Education Objectives Tier 1. (See Attachment K, Attachment L.) It was agreed to continue discussion at the next meeting of the Senate.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden

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