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Meeting of the Faculty Senate

16 February 1999

Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m. in Chryst 210. All departments were represented. Also present were Student Senate President, Shelby Linton, Graduate Student Organization Representative, Christine Schwarz, and Editor of The Snapper, David Burkholder.

The minutes of the meeting of February 2, 1999 were approved following some minor punctuation/stylistic amendments and the correction that the History Department had, in fact, been represented at the meeting.

Report of the Faculty Chairperson.

Chairperson Piperberg made three announcements:

At the February 2 meeting, Chairperson Piperberg informed the Senate about a distance learning course being taught contrary to the normal model. The course number is EDFN 604 (Education and Public Policy).

The chairperson reminded Senators that the terms of Senators from the following departments will expire on August 31 of this year:

Chemistry, Developmental Studies, Foreign Languages, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work and Sociology/Anthropology. He requested that Senators make sure their departments hold an election this semester if their terms are about to expire. The Governance Manual specifies that these elections should be held between April I and May 3 1. Chairperson Piperberg also asked that Senators notify him of the results so that he can update the Senate Membership List when the time comes.

The Chairperson also requested that Senators let him know if there have been any changes since the Fall (1998) so that the Membership List can be updated.

Report of the Student Senate President Linton said that she will represent the Student Senate in future. The Student Senate had elected a new secretary at the first meeting and the resignation of Faculty Advisor, R. Glenn, was announced. Another advisor is being sought. President Linton announced that she is now a member of the Board of Governors.

Report of the Graduate Student Organizations No Report

Reports of Administrative Officers

Provost Francine McNairy. Provost McNairy reported that a significant number of students are seeking waivers of General Education Requirements and that the Administration was beginning to wonder if such requests might not have a negative impact on General Education program. She encouraged faculty to identify courses as General Education on their syllabi. Also, she stressed that faculty can deny waiver requests.

The Provost said that the Administration had learned that universities in Pennsylvania and elsewhere might be the targets of anti-alternative lifestyle leafleting in the coming week. Such literature is negative and, at times, hateful. In the event that such targeting should occur at Millersville, it is necessary to minimize tension as much as possible. It is important to emphasize and affirm the university's commitment to our mission, one that celebrates learning and welcomes individuals from different backgrounds and different sexual orientation. The Administration will prepare a statement that reaffirms the said mission.

Provost McNairy also reminded Senators about Convocation on Thursday, February 18, at 4:00 p.m. The first presentation will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Lehr.

Associate Provost J. Stager No Report

Associate Provost J. Roller No Report

Reports of Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC Chair R. Wismer presented a proposal from Geography Department that removes the W Label from Geography 202 (Resources and the Environment)

University Honors Chair M. Warmkessel reminded Senators about the upcoming visit of Dr. William Mech, Dean of the Honors College at Florida Atlantic University, scheduled for March 9 -11.

She also reported that letters are to be sent out requesting applications for the impending Director of Honors Program vacancy.

Special Reports of Faculty Senate Standing Committees -- No Reports

Proposed Courses and Programs. The proposal for a 50% Residency Requirement for the Option in Criminology was approved by the Senate.

Faculty Emeritus

On a Borger-Reese/Warmkessel motion, Faculty Emeritus Status was recommended for Dr. Robert Ambacher, Department of Foreign Languages.

On a Borger-Reese/Warmkessel motion, Faculty Emeritus Status was recommended for Dr. Fred. E. Oppenheimer, Department of Foreign Languages.

On a Borger-Reese/Stameshkin motion, Faculty Emeritus Status was recommended for Professor Byron R. Detwiler, Department of Foreign Languages.

On a Sciarretta/Dorman motion, Faculty Emeritus Status was recommended for Professor Colin McLeod, Director of Academic Advisement/Chair of Developmental Studies. One "Nay" vote was recorded on this recommendation.

Election - Chairperson of the Women's Studies Curriculum Committee.

Hearing no nominations for the vacant chair position, Senate Chairperson Piperberg placed this item on the Agenda for the next meeting of the Senate. At that time, if there are no nominations, the item will be removed from the future agendas. Nominations for this position could be reopened at any future meeting if a nominee should present him/herself

Discussion of Possible Postponement of W Label Removal.

General Education Review Committee Chairperson C. Stameshkin moved postponement of Phase II of the General Education Review Plan passed in April 1997, until the Fall of 2000. Phase 11 was currently scheduled to be implemented in the Fall of 1999. She pointed out that current discussions of General Education might have some bearing on the 1997 plan. D. Eidam seconded the motion which was then approved by the Senate.

During the discussion, Dr. I Stager said that it should not be assumed that W labels would definitely be eliminated in the Fall of 2000 and that faculty should continue to encourage students to take W courses. Before that date, Phase 11 could be altered or eliminated following the current discussions about the objectives of the General Education program.

Provost McNairy requested that the Minutes should indicate that in any event, Phase 11 of the General Education Revision Plan was not intended to eliminate the Writing Requirement, just the labels.

General Education Review Committee Objectives (see attachment)

The Senate considered the six objectives in Section I (Fundamental Skills) - of the General Education Objectives document Each objective was considered separately and passed. A Rosenthal/Stameshkin motion to change the word "publicly" to "formally" in Section 1, Objective 4c.was passed. The wording now reads "present ideas formally in both spoken and written form" (see minutes pp. 4567 and 4568).

The Senate agreed to discuss Section II, parts b and c. at the next meeting. A Rosenthal/ Bo"rger-Reese motion to defer discussion of Section 11, part a (Humanities and Fine Arts) until the March 16 meeting was approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden,

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