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Meeting of the Faculty Senate

6 April 1999

Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented except Art, Business Administration, Communication and Theater, Earth Sciences, and Special Education. Christine Schwarz, Graduate Student Organization Representative, was also present.

Approval of the minutes of the meeting on March 16, 1999 was postponed until the next meeting.

Reports of the Faculty Chairperson

Chairperson Piperberg drew Senators' attention to his recent e-mail regarding the oncampus visits of candidates for the position of Dean of Graduate Studies and encouraged Senators to attend meetings scheduled for Senate representatives.

A G. Yelagotes/R. Glenn motion to adjourn the meeting to hear a candidate currently present on campus failed to pass.

Report of the Student Senate No Report.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization Representative Schwarz reported that in the past Spring social gatherings for graduate students has been very poorly attended and that the organization has decided to initiate a tradition for graduating graduate students. The organization has planned an event that will provide students with admission and meal tickets for students. Fifty-three students are potentially able to participate. A similar event is planned for August graduates. For Winter graduates, tickets for Dutch Apple Theater are to be presented.

Representative Schwarz drew Senators' attention to a report (see attachment) (see attachment) (see attachment) (see attachment) addressed to Graduate Course and Program Review Committee Members from Lori Ramp regarding a Graduate Student Survey: Results and Recommendations. The report lists seven areas of concern. The list of concerns details:

  1. a perceived need for the University to increase emphasis on graduate programs
  2. dissatisfaction with the student activity fee charged each semester
  3. the need for the addition of student training programs to those that exist for faculty/staff in diversity
  4. the need to address immediately issues relating to discrimination and sexual harassment
  5. the possibility of creating a Graduate Student Web Page to provide information regarding the graduate program
  6. a request for more student services hours tailored to graduate students schedules
  7. and lack of awareness of student services available for their use.

Reports of Administrative Officers

Associate Provost Stager No Report

Associate Provost Roller Dr. Roller announced that the Registrar is looking for advisement assistance for registration, particularly from chairs of departments. Also, the upcoming registration is the first time that Banner will be used for Registration. Dr. Stager pointed out that the use of Banner will result in the loss of some previously available features. He added that plans exist for 'phone registration for April of 2000 and that Web registration is currently under consideration.

Reports of Faculty Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC Committee Chairperson R. Wismer presented ITEC 456 Digital Imaging for consideration. Several other course proposals are to be brought to the next meeting of the Senate.

Special Reports of Faculty Senate Committees No Reports

Proposed Courses and Prouams. The Senate approved two courses Physics 345 Symbolic Computational Methods in Physics and EDTE 592 Teaching Technology in the Elementary School.

Academic Policies Committee

Chairperson R. France submitted two proposals, one to limit the number of repeats in a single course, and the second relating to "grade-book" retention.

These first proposal initially read as follows:

  1. Course Repeat Policy (limits the number of repeats in a single course). A Student may not take a course of record more than three times. A course of record is defined as a course in which a student receives a record (grade) of A, B, C, D, F, S U, or Z. (including + and -)

    After much discussion relating to the wording, a D. Eidam/R. Kerper motion, to amend the wording to insert the word "undergraduate" prior to the word "student" and "course," was accepted by the Senate.

    The issue of implementation arose and the wording "a course taken prior to the Fall of 1999 will not be counted for the purpose of this policy," was added to the amendment.

    The formal policy was thus further amended to read:

    Effective Fall Semester, 1999, an undergraduate student may not take an undergraduate course of record more than three tinies. A course of record is defined as a course in ivhich a student receives a record (grade) of A, B, C, D, F, S, U, or Z (including + and-) grades.

  2. "Grade Book" Retention Policy (aimed at faculty leaving the university). Faculty shall maintain a detailed record of how the final course grade for each student was determined. This record must be kept for at least on semester beyond the completion of a course. Upon termination of employment at the University, faculty must submit the detailed grade records for the previous semester or term to the appropriate department chair. "

Following considerable discussion, a C. Stameshkin/M. Rosenthal to change the wording to "if faculty members will not be readily available for consultation during the next semester or term, they must submit detailed grade records to the appropriate department chair," was discussed.

Further discussion led to a G. Yelagotes/R_ Wismer motion to amend the amendment to read:

Upon termination of employment or when leai,ing the unii,ersityfor sabbatical or any other type of leave, faculty must submit grade records to the appropriate department chair.

An R. Kerper/C. Desmond motion, to postpone the Senate vote on the Grade Book Retention Policy to provide time for Senators to take the motion back to their departments for discussion was approved. This item will be placed on the Agenda for discussion at the meeting of the Senate on May 4, 1999.

Distance Learning Report

UCPRC Chairperson, R. Wismer, drew Senators' attention to the committee report on the Proposed Distance Learning Approval Process (see attachment) and provided an overview of the history of the report.

With time about to expire, the Senate agreed to discuss the report and General Education Objectives III Connections - Four Objectives: (proposed) (see attachment) at the next meeting of the Senate. These items will be placed on the Agenda for discussion at that time.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:48 PM

Respectfully submitted

Jane Alden

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