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Meeting of the Faculty Senate

September 21, 1999

Chairperson Joel Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4: 10 p.m. All departments were represented. Also present were Thomas Baker (President, Student Senate), Nicole Irish (Student Senate and President of Helping Other People) and student journalist/Snapper reporter, Brooke Goldman. Graduate Student Association Representative, Gabrielle Wilcox, also attended.

The minutes of the meeting on September 7 were approved following the correction - p 4653 the reference to Associate Provost Carol Phillips should read Acting Associate Provost.

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

  1. Chairperson Piperberg said that he will try to secure another room while construction work progresses on the roof of Chryst Building. Senators will be notified of any meeting location changes.
  2. Chairperson Piperberg announced that he has appointed Professor John McLarnon to the Medal Fund Board.
  3. Chairperson Piperberg announced that all employees and other members of the University community are invited to comment on the Self-Study draft prepared in anticipation of the institutional reaccreditation visit in March 2000. The draft is available at Paper copies of the draft can be borrowed from the reserve desk at Ganser or the SMC Information Desk. There will be a meeting at which comments about the draft will be welcome on Thursday, October 21 from 4: 00 to 5: 00 p. m. in Room 2 10 of Chryst Hall. If this meeting does not fit into your schedule, two other meetings have been scheduled. Thursday, October 14 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 161 of the SMC (at the beginning of the Student Senate meeting) and on Monday, October 18 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. in the first floor lounge of the Lyle Student Services Building. These meetings will be announced in the October 7 Exchange along with a description of the reaccreditation process.
  4. Chairperson Piperberg, together with other faculty members including a number of senators, met with Dr. Catherine Gira, President of Frostburg State University and the Middle States Evaluation Team chair earlier today.
  5. Nominees for vacant seats on committees may be made at one more meeting. Thereafter the seats will be declared vacant. Nominations can be reopened at any time thereafter. (see attachment)
  6. Chairperson Piperberg reminded senators that course proposals being brought to the Senate should be accompanied by the Dean's Resource Statements.
  7. Chairperson Piperberg announced that he had copies of Parliamentary Procedures at a Glance with him for new senators who would like a copy.
  8. Chairperson Piperberg said Senators Kerper and Yelagotes had raised issues for discussion and then turned the floor over to each of them in turn to discuss each issue briefly.

R. Kerper said it had been. brought to his attention that faculty advisors were being identified by their social security numbers since the introduction of Banner. Concern had been expressed about the information being accessible to students.

M. Warmkessel said that APSCUF is looking into the situation and considering the privacy issues that could be involved.

J. Sciarretta said that concerned faculty could contact Human Resources to have their ID numbers changed to some number other than their social security number and that initially, the problem had gone unnoticed.

Associate Provost James Stager explained the background of the use of social security numbers as identifiers in Banner. Since Banner is an integrated system, it is necessary to carry identifiers for persons other than students, including staff, faculty, and advisors. There will be an advisor code in banner for each faculty member that is distinct from the social security number.

With regard to the privacy issue, Dr. Stager said it had been a matter of concern but that after some discussion, it had been decided to stay with social security number identification as the primary identifier with faculty members having the option to request another identifier through the Human Resources Office. He also pointed out that the identifiers are only available to persons employed by the University and that no written reports that have broad distribution will include the identifiers. He also noted that persons who have access to Banner, including student employees, would have access to identifiers.

Senator Yelagotes said the matter he wished to raise concerned Emeritus Status for regular, part time faculty. The issue has already been considered at Meet and Discuss and it was suggested that the appropriate venue for discussion of the issue was Faculty Senate. The proposal will be placed on the agenda for the second meeting of the Faculty Senate in October (October 19). The full proposal and supporting comments has been attached to these Minutes.(see attachment)

Report of the Student Senate President President Baker announced the following Student Senate Activities:

  1. MU Dialogue on Race is scheduled for October 19 at 9:00 p.m. in the SMC. Ms. Patricia Hopson-Shelton will distribute information.
  2. The Student Senate is seeking faculty support for MU Pride Day on October 27.
  3. The Student Senate is currently working on a new idea to involve student organizations in assisting the Alcohol Task Force. One topic for discussion involves inviting student organizations to plan an event to take place one weekend. This might be tied to future allocations.
  4. This week the Student Senate will meet with representatives from APSCUF and Resident Life, and will consider emergency allocations for athletics.
  5. President Baker had met with Dr. Catherine Gira, Chair of the Middle States Evaluation Team and set up a forum for discussion.
  6. The Vigil against Hate is scheduled for noon, October 7 at the University pond.

Nicole Irish, President of Helping Other People will present Millersville's first Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 1 - 4). Homeless people from York, Lancaster and Philadelphia, as well as some local politicians, are expected to attend. She distributed flyers and requested that faculty announce the events to their classes.

Report of the Graduate Student Association Gabrielle Wilcox said that the organization had recently met with Dr. Caputo and Dr. Perry about promoting the organization at Millersville.

Reports of Administrative Officers

Associate Provost Stager Associate Provost Stager said he had spoken with department chairpersons about Banner/Brio registration. Dr. Stager said that DARS records were up to date through May 1999. Student records for the summer and the current semester are separate. Current students' record history has been moved to Banner and records of past students will be converted to Banner by the end of this year. It is not yet possible to run complete DARS audits. These are complete through May of 1999 but this does not include change of majors, exceptions, summer courses or courses currently in progress. The delay has occurred because Millersville is waiting for the software necessary for an interface between DARS and Banner to arrive. This software is under development at Miami University of Ohio.

Acting Associate Provost Phillips Dr. Phillips said that a step-by-step description of the Distance Learning Approval Process is being prepared.

She then addressed a number of issues related to advisement. She reported that Dr Paul Specht, who has taken on the duties of Acting Director of Academic Advisement, would be meeting with faculty to acquaint them with the curriculum. She reported that a newsletter will be available on the website as well.

Dr. Phillips also showed a transparency of the Millersville Home Page on the overhead projector and drew senators' attention to the wealth of information dealing with students and advisement available from the Web Site, including an advisement manual, lists of General Education Core courses, the full collection of blue sheets and minor sheets. She asked senators to share the information with their departments.

She reported that the intention is to begin voice registration in the Spring semester and that we will move to web-based registration as soon as possible.

Dr. Phillips said that several other matters are being considered. With the move to the new system, the question of mandatory advisement has arisen. There are varying opinions on the issue and different approaches have been used at our sister universities. Related issues include the drop/add process and prerequisite checking and the extent to which Banner will permit it. The restrictions that prevent full-time students from registering for Downtown courses are also being considered.

Dr. Stager added that pre-requisites that were not in the course rosters last Spring will appear in the rosters this Fall for the Spring 2000 preregistration. They are presently working on getting the General Education codes (GI, G2, G3, etc.) back on the roster.

Reports of Faculty Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC Chairperson R. Wismer said that there is some confusion about what is a minor and what is a major change in course proposals. He drew senators' attention to the current cover page for course proposal forms, pointing out that recent changes in General Education requirements necessitate alterations in these forms. He invited senators to contact him with suggestions as to what information might appear on the cover sheets.

University Honors Chairperson Warmkessel thanked all who had attended the series of discussions on the Honors College. The committee will now move forward with the proposal for the Honors College.

Reports of Faculty Senate Special Committees No reports.

Faculty Emeritus An R. Glenna/L. Clark-Newman motion to recommend Professor John E. Tannehill for Faculty Emeritus status was passed by the Senate.

Elections Committee elections continued. Chairperson Piperberg distributed ballots and will announce the results when these are available. Nominations for unfilled committee seats may continue until the first meeting in October and reopened as required thereafter.

Academic Policies Committee

Proposal #1

Gradebook Retention Policy as altered by Faculty Senate on 4/6/99.

The original proposal read:

Faculty shall maintain a detailed record of how the final course grade for each student was determined. This record must be kept for at least one semester beyond the completion of a course. Upon termination of employment or when leaving the University for sabbatical or any other type of leave, faculty must submit grade records to the appropriate department chair.

The amended version of the Gradebook Retention Policy now reads.

For all undergraduate courses, faculty shall maintain a detailed record of how the final grade for each student was determined.. This record must be kept for one year beyond the completion of a course. Upon termination of employment or when leaving the University for sabbatical or any other type of leave, faculty must submit those grade records to the appropriate department chair.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden,

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