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Action Item #1: Approval of a New Board of Governors Policy: The Academic Passport and Student Transfer


In January 1998, the System's Board of Governors adopted a resolution to affirm the Academic Passport, which was designed to assist the transfer of community college students who earn the Associate of Arts (A. A.) or the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree. Incumbent students of State System universities with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher were also deemed to have an Academic Passport for the transfer of credit to and among System institutions. The January 1998 resolution mandated that an assessment of the Passport's effectiveness be conducted. Any necessary revisions to the Passport were to be made by January 1999, at which time the Board would consider adoption of a fonnal. policy on the Academic Passport and student transfer.

To accomplish the several tasks associated with this goal, a State System of Higher Education Special Task Force on Articulation was established. The task force, chaired by Provost Roy Stewart of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, was composed of System university faculty and staff, as well as several community college representatives. A complete list of the task force membership is included.

The task force developed a plan to assess the effectiveness of the Passport and used the results of the assessment in its development of the new policy proposed herein. In fall 1998, the records of 203 community college students who transferred to System universities with the Academic Passport were studied along with that of 524 community college students who transferred without completing a two-year degree. Almost 90% of the credits earned by Passport holders transferred to the receiving System university, while 81.8% of the credits earned by nonPassport holders transferred. An executive summary of the information and data resulting from the assessment is included in these materials. The task force also gathered extensive information on articulation policies within other public systems of higher education, and held extensive dialogue with diverse constituents to consider suggested revisions to the Passport and how to improve the transfer process. During the month of November, five public forums were conducted on System university and community college campuses to discuss the proposed policy. The input received from these public meetings was evaluated by the task force and incorporated into the policy recommended herein.

Recommended Committee Action:

Move that the Academic and Student Affairs Committee recommend to the Board Motion #1 regarding the adoption of a new policy.

Motion #1:

That the Board of Governors approve the proposed Academic Passport and Student Transfer Policy.

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