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Faculty Senate Minutes

March 16, 1999

Subject: Academic Policies Committee Actions
: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:10:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Rich France <>
To: "Joel B. Piperberg" <>


At our last two meetings the APC passed the following proposals without dissent. I guess they're ready to go to the Senate. Let me know. By the way, we took up the issue of limiting the total number of repeats while at MU. After hearing from Mariano Gonzalez and Jim Stager, it seemed ill-advised to do so. I can fill you in on more details about the last, if you wish.

1. Course Repeat Policy (Limits the number of repeats in a single course) A student may not take a course of record more than three times. A course of record is defined as a course in which a student receives a record (grade) of A, B, C, D, F, S, U, W, or Z. (including + and -).

It is not uncommon for students to repeat courses multiple times. This is both fiscally and ethically irresponsible. Each time a student repeats a course, it costs the Commonwealth a significant amount of money. Students who repeat courses multiple times deprive other students of seats in classes. In addition, the university has an ethical obligation to prevent students from trying, over and over and over and over, to pass a course in which success is but a faint possibility. Students should be "forced out" of such courses (and, if appropriate, programs) early (i.e., "sooner rather than later"). The University does itself, the Commonwealth, and the student a disservice when it perpetuates course repetition.

2. "Grade Book" Retention Policy (aimed at faculty leaving the University) Faculty shall maintain a detailed record of how the final course grade for each student was determined. This record must be kept for at least one semester beyond the completion of a course. Upon termination of employment at the University, faculty must submit the detailed grade records for the previous semester or term to the appropriate department chair.

Faculty must announce their grading policy at the beginning of each course. occasionally students question the calculation of their course grade and faculty must be prepared to justify the grade based on the grading policy. If a faculty member retires, resigns, or is not re-appointed, especially temporary faculty, it is necessary that department chairs and administration have access to grade records in order to respond to student appeals.

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