Distance Learning (DL) Course Approval Process

A. Faculty member interested in developing a course utilizing DL technology seeks consultation with:

  1. Two or more faculty who are on the roster of DL advisors*, and
  2. The staff of the New Media Design Team (NMDT).

B. These DL advisors and NMDT staff serve as sources of information and suggestions, as well as sounding boards, during the development of the proposal. The DL advisors/NMDT provide a memo to the facuity member indicating their agreement with the DL techniques to be used in the course.

C. Faculty member designates course proposal for distance learning and provides:

  1. Method of DL (videoconference, e-mail, etc).
  2. References and/or supporting justification.
  3. Experience of the proposer with this method of offering the course.
  4. Samples of course materials prepared for the method proposed.
  5. DL advisor and NMDT memo, referred to in B. above.

D. Faculty member obtains approval from the originating department and other approvals as appropriate.

  1. Once approved, the course may be presented by that DL method, regardless of the instructor involved.
  2. If faculty members in the department request that a course be presented by a different DL method (web-based instead of video conferencing, for instance), the new method of offering the course must again be approved by the DL Course Approval Process.
  3. If the DL course is a new course, it continues through the University course approval process. If it is an existing course, departmental approval is sufficient.

E. Department chairperson has the responsibility to notify the Associate Provost for Academic Administration that the DL designation has been approved.

* The roster of DL advisors is maintained by the New Media Design Team at extensions 3374 or 5886.