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Faculty Senate Minutes

21 September 1999

Faculty Emeritus Status for Regular Part-Time Faculty

Our Governance Manual states "That granting of faculty emeritus status is a time-honored way for a University to give tangible recognition to retired faculty members for distinguished service to the University." We bring this issue of faculty emeritus status for regular part-time faculty to the Faculty Senate to clarify our GM, which is silent on the issue.


The current policy on faculty emeritus status should be interpreted as including regular part-time faculty. All candidates for emeritus status are governed by the same minimum qualifications.

Current minimum qualifications (CBA, p. 194)

  1. Achievement of minimum age or service for full retirement.
  2. Ten years of continuous service at Millersville University up to the time of retirement.
  3. In the event that a faculty member meets only one of the above criteria and has made distinctive contributions to the life of the University, emeritus status may be granted provided that:

    a) The department, by a 3/4 majority vote, recommends the member to the Faculty Senate for this recognition.

    b) A letter from the department chairperson specifying reasons for the exception accompany the recommendation.

  4. A letter from the department chairperson shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate stating the distinguished service of the proposed faculty emeritus.
  5. Such status will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate which will consider recommendations and will submit its recommendations through the University president to the Council of Trustees for final approval.

Current or proposed policies that are consistent with the above proposal

  1. RPTF members should be integrated into the academic procedures of the department to the greatest extent possible. (MU local agreement)
  2. RPTF may apply for promotion. (MU local agreement)
  3. RPTF are evaluated similarly to regular full-time faculty during the five year probationary period and on a five-year cycle thereafter. (MU local agreement)
  4. Parties agree that regular part-time faculty members may vote in department chairperson elections. (proposed CBA)

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