Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Attachment B
Faculty Senate Meeting
16 November 1999

To: Dr. Joel Piperberg, President of the Faculty Senate
From: The Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Date: November 9, 1999
Re: Faculty Emeritus Status for Dr. June L. Evans

The faculty of the Department of Sociology/Anthropology unanimously approves and recommends to the Faculty Senate the following resolution:

Whereas Dr. June L. Evans has set the standard for Millersville University for regular part-time faculty in the areas of teaching excellence, dedicated service and outstanding scholarship; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans took a fledgling archaeology program and made it into one of the most respected in the region by educators and Cultural Resource Management firms; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans has instructed, mentored, and encouraged numerous archaeology students and, in so doing, has prepared them for careers as professional archaeologists or to further their studies in a variety of prestigious graduate programs in archaeology throughout the country; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans has expertly guided and chaired more than a dozen excellent Department Honors Theses and has instilled and nurtured, in majors and general education students alike, a love of intellectual discovery; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans provided our archaeology students with accurate and thoughtful curricular and career advisement and compassionate personal counseling; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans provided valuable service, as well as sage and gentle counsel, to her colleagues in Sociology and Anthropology as she helped us accomplish our academic and professional responsibilities; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans served as advisor to the Anthropology Society and, in her steady and caring way, helped our students develop their organizational and leadership potential; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans created almost single-handedly the Archaeology Option within the Anthropology major and offered the core courses in that program since its inception; and
Whereas Dr. June L. Evans established a legacy of devotion to students and dedication to scholarship that will inspire us for years to come;
Therefore be it resolved that the faculty of the Department of Sociology/ Anthropology unhesitatingly recommends that Dr. June L. Evans be granted the rank of Assistant Professor of Anthropology Emeritus.

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