Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Summary of Changes Made to Objectives Proposal since November, 1998

(with gratitude to all who made suggestions to us, whether or not they were eventually incorporated)

  1. Rationales revised to clarify committee's belief that just as there is no one-one correlation between objectives and requirements, there similarly is no one-one correlation between an objective and a specific course.
  2. Most examples were eliminated and some objectives were simplified. (See especially numbers 1), 6), and several in the last section.
  3. The term "tier" has been replaced by "section", as some people felt-the former term misleadingly suggested the sort of identification of objectives with courses which we were trying to avoid, as stated above under 1).
  4. In Section III, formerly known as Tier III, the objectives have been simplified, recombined, and renumbered to express more clearly what the working groups had intended.

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