Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Meeting of the Faculty Senate

13 June 2000

Chairperson Piperberg called the meeting to order at 3:03 PM in McComsey Auditorium. All departments were represented with the exception of the following: Art, Communication & Theatre, Computer Science, Business Administration, Industry/Technology, Nursing, and Sociology/Anthropology

Hearing no objections, the Minutes for May 2, 2000 stand approved with no changes or additions.

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson


(1) The list of Senate vacancies for the Fall was distributed. Chairperson Piperberg said that he would take nominations at any time over the Summer until the first meeting in the Fall.

(2) The Imperatives Affirmed document written by the State System is in its fourth draft. This document is in essence a sequel to an earlier document Imperatives for the Future and includes plans for helping the State System achieve its goals in the years ahead. If faculty are interested in seeing it, Chairperson Piperberg asks that you let him know in which case he will make a copy available to you. These plans are under discussion for the State System in the near future. They are accepting recommendations and would be glad to pass any questions faculty may have on to Harrisburg. Some things under discussion are a public relations campaign to improve the public’s perception of the State System and a suggested uniform schedule for all 14 schools.

(3) Two departments (English, Industrial Technology) have not notified Chairperson Piperberg of the result of the Senator/Alternate election.

(4) Chairperson Piperberg announced that he would have next year’s meeting dates available later in the Summer and that faculty would be informed via e-mail.

(5) The collected annual reports of the Senate Committees are also over on the table.

Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate President Baker reported that there had been a recent presentation concerning "Pride Day." He added that Jen Potson (former Student Senate Representative) sent regards to the Senate.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization President None.

Report of the Administrative Officers None.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Jim Fenwick who is Acting Chair for UCPRC presented the following proposals:

(1) Curriculum change in BA Music—add MUSI 204, Electronic Music (3 credits) as a choice in the 6 Music History Elective Area of the BA in Music degree program.

(2) Academic Standard for All Music Degree Programs—a grade of C or better must be achieved in all required sequential music courses in order to continue to the next level, for all Music majors and Minors.

(3) Curriculum change in BA Music—Emphasis in Music Industry Studies—add EDFN 130, Industrial Technology in the Music Classroom as a required related course to the BA Music Degree and the BA music, Emphasis in Music industry Studies degree. This increases the total semester hours in each degree by 3 credits changing the BA Music degree from 124 to 127 credits and the BA Music, Emphasis in Music Industry Studies from 120.5 to 123.5 credits.

(4) Curriculum change in BSE Music –Replace EDFN 330 (Microcomputers in the Classroom) as a professional education requirement in the BSE Music degree with EDFN 130 (Industrial Technology in the Music Classroom). This does not change the total semester hours in the degree.

(5) New Undergraduate Course-MUSI 369—Introduction to West African Music, 3 credits, A perspectives course, effective Fall 2000.

These proposals will be considered at the next meeting of the Senate September 5th.

Reports of the Faculty Special Committees None.

Proposed Courses and Programs

Hearing no objections, the following changes in courses/curricula were approved by Senate:

(1): Change in course title from THEA 211 (Acting) to THEA 230 (Acting II) 3 credits. Change in the course number and title. Also a prerequisite of THEA 130 (Acting I), formally THEA 110 (Acting), has been added. Effective retroactive to Fall 1999.

(2) PSYC 335: Personality Theory; 3 credits, Gen Ed G3 designation is sought effective as of Fall 2000.

(3) Chemistry 110, Fundamentals of Chemistry, 3 credits: The course description has been changed and the course will now count toward elective block. Effective Fall 2001.

(4) The Senate approved a change cumulative QPA requirement for admission to student teaching from 2.00 to 2.5; this brings the policy in line with current APS (Advanced Professional Studies) policy. Also a change in the policy includes successful completion of early field experiences prior to admission into student teaching. Effective Fall 2001.

Faculty Emeritus

A Luek motion recommending that the title of Assistant Professor of Elementary and early Childhood Education be granted to David. G. Bird (see attachment) passed unanimously.

A Desmond/Borger-Greco motion recommending that the title of Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations be granted to Fay Kramer (see attachment) passed unanimously.

The Wearing of Decorations by Graduation Students at Commencement

Having acquired the necessary information, Chairperson Piperberg recommended that the issue of the wearing of cords or similar decorations be presented to the Commencement Committee for further consideration.

Senate members supported the desire of student honor societies to have their members wear cords or stoles at graduation as a sign of recognition of their accomplishments. The contents of this resolution will be forwarded to the Commencement committee.

Dr. Heintzelman made a motion to support Chairperson Piperberg’s recommendation and Dr. Luek seconded the motion.

The motion passed unanimously.

Name Change for Political Science Department

Hearing no objections, the motion to change the name of the Department of Political Science to the Department of Government and Political Affairs passed unanimously. (see attachments)

Other/New Business

Dr. Desmond thanked Chairperson Piperberg for a "job well done."

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Miller


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