Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Meeting of the Faculty Senate

19 September 2000

Chairperson Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:10 in Chryst Hall 210. All departments were represented with the exception of the following: Business Administration.

Hearing no objections, the Senate Minutes of September 5, 2000 meeting stand approved.

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

(1)Chairperson Piperberg announced that he still had copies of Parliamentary Procedure At A Glance for new Senators who would like one. He asked that Senators sign the sheet when picking them up.

(2)John McLarnon has been appointed to the Medal Fund Board. Chairperson Piperberg said that he would continue as the Senate’s representative to the Council of Trustees, SPARC and the Commencement Committee.

(3)Chairperson Piperberg reminded faculty that the unoccupied seats on the Committees will be declared vacant if they are not filled after three meetings. Nominations can be reopened for any of those seats from the floor at any time.

(4)The following courses and curriculum changes have been approved by Provost


Addition of the G3 designation to PSYC 335 (Personality Theory)

CHEM 110 will be allowed to count as an elective toward credits for graduation (it carries no general education {G2} credit.)

The change in admissions standards to student teaching, increasing the required cumulative GPA from 2.0 to 2.5 and appending the phrase "and early field experiences" to the statement requiring students to successfully complete required professional education courses.

Addition of a pre-requisite of "THEA 130 and permission of instructor" to THEA 230 (Acting II). Includes a change in a course number and title from THEA 211 (Acting) to THEA 230 (Acting II) and THEA 110 (Introductory Theater Techniques) to THEA 130 (Acting I).

Change in program name of the Dept. of Political Science to the Dept of Government and Political Affairs.

Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate President Baker made the following announcements: (1) Allocations amounted to one million dollars to student run organizations this year. (2) Pride Day is October 12, 2000. (3) Freshman elections will be coming up in the near future. (4) Student Senate members will be helping out with voter registration. (5) Committee elections for student run organizations will be coming up soon. (6) It is now official that all student organizations must have at least one weekend activity in the course of the academic year.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization President None.

Report of the Administrative Officers None.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Dr. Wismer announced that 4 new proposals would be forthcoming along with a "new form" for new courses and curricular changes.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Special Committees

Dr. Schreiber, Chair of the Ad Hoc Honor Code Committee, announced the Faculty Forum will be held at 4:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose room of the SMC. The topic for discussion will be options relating to academic integrity. All faculty are encouraged to attend.

Proposed Courses and Programs None.

Faculty Emeritus

The Art Department recommended that the honorary title of Associate Professor of Art Emeritus be granted to Robert H. Lowing. (see attachment)

The Wolf/Yelagotes motion passed unanimously.


Elections were held to fill Committee seats. Dr. Yelagotes made a motion to approve the candidates names and close nominations. Dr. Heintzelman seconded the motion. The elections were conducted by secret ballot. The election results will be forthcoming via e-mail.

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Miller


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