Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Meeting of the Faculty Senate

7 November 2000

Chairperson Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented with the exception of the following: Foreign Languages.

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson


(1)As Chairperson Piperberg indicated in one of his e-mails, we will decide whether to have a meeting on NoV. 21st. That is the day on which the Thanksgiving break begins. The four alternatives would be to have a normal meeting on that date, have an abbreviated meeting during which we handle only the core part of our normal agenda, cancel the meeting but immediately pass courses introduced today (November 7), or cancel the meeting and pass the courses by e-mail prior to November 21.

(2)On the table, there is a proposal from the Honors Program Committee to reduce from two to one the number of Honors course students in the Honors Program are required to take in each of the academic areas of the General Education core. We will put this on the agenda for our next full meeting. {See attachment}

(3)Based on the surprising response to the e-mail last week about the Fall calendar, that item will be placed on the agenda for our next full meeting

(4)Remember that the elections for Senate officers will take place at the first meeting of the Spring semester (February 6, 2001) with the terms to begin Fall 2001.

Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate President Baker reported that: (1) the Semi-Formal went well Saturday evening; (2) some Student Senate members had attended a Board Advocacy Conference; (3) on Thursday November 9, there will be a "Campus Safety Walk" to address sexual orientation issues; and (4) 20 volunteers for Dick Cheyney’s appearance last Friday, recently met with the Dean of Education.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization President None.

Report of the Administrative Officers

Dr. McNairy reported that the Dean of Education search would shortly be underway. She also announced that Resident Hall students would have accommodations in the event that some had classes to attend on Tuesday night before the Thanksgiving break.

Dr. Phillips reported that Registration seemed to be going very well. Dr. McNairy said that Instructional Technology would be setting up an e-mail service to connect advisors to their advisees.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Dr. Wismer from UCPRC reported three proposals were available to look at over on the table. The proposals include: (1) changes to the Master of Education in Reading and Language Arts Program to require all students take a Children's Literature Course (EDUC 633) or a topics course in Children's Literature rather than allowing children’s literature to be an elective, effective Fall 2001; (2) ENGL 366, Perspectives on the Harlem Renaissance, 3 credits, effective Spring 2001; and (3) MUSI 366 Perspectives on the Harlem Renaissance, 3 credits, effective Spring 2001.

Dr. Frazer from Business Administration attended the Senate meeting on behalf of the new MBA Program that was introduced at the meeting by GCPRC. Senate members were asked to take a copy of the proposal and communicate via e-mail in the event that there were questions or problems.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Special Committees None.

Proposed Courses and Programs


ENGL 487 - Seminar in Teaching Writing, 3 credits. Effective Fall 2000. The course content has been updated and the title changed from Teaching Reading in English and Communications Programs to Seminar in Teaching Writing. ENGL 110 (English Composition) has also been added as a prerequisite. Senate approved the changes.

Faculty Emeritus None.

Elections None.

Discussion of the November 21st Meeting of the Senate

Dr. Wismer moved that if there were no objections to any of the courses and/or programs proposed that we not meet. It was proposed that we would meet if objections were raised that could not be resolved by Friday, November 17. Dr. Hutchens seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

New/Other Business

Dr. Dorman announced the new play "Nothing But Beckett" was coming and that he had complimentary tickets available to interested faculty.

Paul Studdard from Library expressed concern that students had been parking in spaces intended only for Staff around the Library facilities. It was recommended that he register his complaint with Student Affairs as well as letting the MU Police know about the improper parking occurs.

The meeting adjourned at 4:39 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Miller


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