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Faculty Senate Minutes

2 May 2000

FYE Committee:

Outgrowth of Student Alcohol Abuse Task Force recommendation to do more to engage students in the academic life of the college. Increase student opportunities to make social contacts within their classes. Address special needs of freshman and promote a smoother transition to college life.


  1. Become familiar with university's current efforts to orient and involve new students in academic, co- and extra curricular activities.
  2. Look at freshmen year programs at other institutions across the country and read the professional literature on such programs.
  3. Develop potential models for a Millersville freshmen year program.
    Seek reactions to them from representative groups of facuty, Student Affairs staff and students. Models should address both academic and social adjustment and integration.
  4. Prepare recommendations regarding a freshmen year program by December 1, 2000.

Approaches being discussed:

Expanded freshmen orientation
Freshman dormitory
Email accounts for all freshmen
Enhanced advisement
Recruitment and training of faculty to advise freshmen
Creation of traditions through a freshmen convocation or other ceremonies
Block scheduling of gen ed courses by major and/or for undeclared
Freshmen seminar--gen ed
Department based freshmen seminars
Learning communities (schedule students who live together in class together)
Peer advisors for freshman
Letters of invitation to freshmen to join groups and organizations
Build in evaluation component

Need: Greater faculty involvement in the process of deciding what to do.

"What would we like to see included in a freshmen year experience at Millersville?"

Please ask members of your departments whether any of them would like to become involved in the work of this group.

Contact: Mary Glazier, 872-3855, mglazier@marauder

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