Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Minutes

September 19, 2000

DATE: September 6, 2000
TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Art Department

The Art Department unanimously approved and recommends the following resolution to the Faculty Senate:

WHEREAS Robert H. Lowing. Associate Professor of Art. has faithfully and unselfishly served the Art Department. MU students, and the MU community for 33 years. and

WHEREAS he has meritoriously enriched the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the campus by directing Ganser Gallery for 12 years, by securing and overseeing the University permanent collection of art. by directing the institution of a collections policy, and cataloging procedure. and

WHEREAS Mr. Lowing conscientiously and effectively discharged his teaching and other department and University obligations. always sincerely concerned foremost with his students. and

WHEREAS he distinguished himself as a scholar through his artistic and academic pursuits well recognized by his colleagues.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Robert H. Lowing be granted the honorary title of Associate Professor of Art Emeritus.

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