Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Attachment A
Faculty Senate Minutes
November 21, 2000


TO:            Faculty Senate
RE:            Revisions of General Education forms
FROM:      Robert K. Wismer, Chemistry, STC 214, x. 3661 or 3411, rwismer@marauder
                  Chair, Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee
DATE:       21 November 2001

    With the revision of the objectives in the General Education curriculum in spring 1999, and the previous modification of the structure of the curriculum, the forms that accompany General Education course proposals have become outdated. Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee, in consultation with General Education Review Committee, has revised the forms during this fall 2000 semester. The revised forms are attached.

    In the main, the revised forms ask for the same information as did the previous forms. Organization is somewhat different and the following changes were made.

1. The C/Q form was dropped because "C" and "Q" courses no longer exists.

2. All forms are confined to one side of one page so that the "back" is not inadvertently lost during duplication.

3. The new objectives (in abbreviated form) are listed on the Liberal Arts form.

4. The criteria for a Perspectives course are cited on the Perspectives form.

5. Duplicate or unnecessary questions (such as recommended class size which now is part of the Curricular Issues form) were removed.

    These forms have been approved unanimously by UCPRC. They are submitted to Senate for eventual approval.

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