Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment E

Faculty Senate Minutes

October 3, 2000

DATE: October 2, 2000

TO: Faculty Senate

FROM: Music Department


The Music Department unanimously approved and recommends the following resolution to the Faculty Senate:

WHEREAS Anita Brandon has retired from the Music Faculty of Millersville University after 23 years of service; and

WHEREAS she has helped develop numerous students into fine musicians through her excellent private instruction in oboe and bassoon, her coaching of woodwind quintets, and her presentations in double reed making and double reed methods to various groups including student teaching seminar and woodwind methods classes; and

WHEREAS she has demonstrated scholarly growth and development through her membership in the International Double Reeds Society, through her presentation of workshops and clinics for I.U. 13 District Orchestra, Eastern York School District, and through her article published in Woodwind World; and

WHEREAS she has faithfully served the university and the department through her role as an advisor for the Saxophone Search Committee, her membership on the Piano Search Committee, and her active involvement in recruiting double reed students for the university; and

WHEREAS she has achieved recognition as a performer through her participation with numerous musical organizations including the Harrisburg, Hershey, and York Symphony Orchestras, the Lancaster Opera Company, and the Harrisburg Opera, and through her participation in workshops and master classes with Arnold Jacobs, John Mack, Richard Kilmer, Sally Watkins, and Barry Green; and

WHEREAS she has received further recognition as a performer in numerous recitals, and as the featured oboe soloist for the Harrisburg and York Symphony Orchestras, the Dickinson College Orchestra, the Chamber Singers of Harrisburg, the Bel Canto Singers of York, the District Nine Choral Festival, the Harrisburg Choral Society, and the Delaware Valley Composers;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Music Faculty of Millersville University thank and congratulate Professor Brandon for her valuable contributions to the life of the university and the department; and further

BE IT RESOLVED that the faculty wishes her much continued success and happiness; and finally,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Music Department recommends that Anita Brandon be granted the rank of Assistant Professor Emerita.


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