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Faculty Senate Minutes

March 7, 2000

Open Discussion Session
On Honors College Issues

Tuesday, September 14,1999
7:30-9:30 am.
Adams House

Notes of M. Warmkessel

Dr. Robert Chabora (School of Humanities and Social Sciences); Dr. Carole Counihan (Sociology/Anthropology); Dr. Bonnie Duncan (English); Dr. Susan Luek (Psychology); Dr. Steven Miller (English); Dr. John Osborne (History); Dr. Marjorie Warmkessel (Library)

Discussion began with thoughts about what some of the opposition might be to the establishment of an honors college. Some people consider it an elitist idea, the misperception that honors courses are closed to those who might want to take only a course or two.

Ideas about what an honors college could be:

Curriculum and Special Courses

Extended Academic Opportunities for Students

Extended opportunities for Faculty

Recruitment of Students

Questions about distribution of honors students. Why so few in Humanities and Social Sciences?

Possible answers:

Specific Recruitment ideas:

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