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Faculty Senate Minutes

March 7, 2000

Open Discussion Session
On Honors College Issues

Tuesday, September 21,1999
2:00-4:00 p.m.
Science & Technology Building

Notes of M. Warmkessel

Sherry Brubaker (Academic Advisement); Lisa DeLisle-Haupt (Academic Advisement); Susan Kastner (Admissions); Dr. John Osborne (History); Dr. Beverly Skinner (English); Dr. Paul Specht (Industry & Technology and Academic Advisement); Dr. Marjorie Warmkessel (Library).

Discussion focused on what an Honors College could offer students and what the current Honors Program offers.

The graduate assistants in Academic Advisement office had questions about what to tell students who might be interested in the Honors Program/College. Academic Advisement would like copies of what is required of students in the Honors Program/College so that they can be more knowledgeable of all requirements. M. Warmkessel indicated that she would suggest to Dr. Miller that he contact the Academic Advisement office to share information with them.

The Admissions office staff is concerned that a decision on making the transition from an honors program to an honors college must be made prior to the start. of the spring semester and that when a decision is made that the Admissions office staff be notified. S. Kastner indicated that there is interest in an Honors College and that its establishment could be used as a means of recruiting well qualified students to Millersville.

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