Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A
Faculty Senate Minutes
March 6, 2001

To: Members of the Faculty Senate

From: Ana Borger-Greco
Chairperson, International Studies Curriculum Committee

Kirsten Bookmiller
Director of International Affairs

Leroy Hopkins
Chair of Foreign Languages

Date: 6 March 2001

Re: Goethe Institut Proposal

Following its unanimous passage in the International Studies Curriculum Committee on 28 February 2001, the ISCC submits the following to the faculty senate for its endorsement of the following:

That Millersville University and Germany's Goethe Institut (a non-university institution) enter into a partnership whereby MU provides direct credit acknowledgement of Goethe's summer language courses. Intended recipients will be any non-university affiliated students in the United States seeking such credit (MU students are eligible as well).

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