Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
November 20, 2001

A Resolution

Whereas Associate Provost Dr. James A. Stager is retiring at the end of November 2001 after having served Millersville University since 1967, and

Whereas Dr. Stager has served as Senator from the Department of Mathematics, and

Whereas Dr. Stager has served as ex officio member of many Faculty Senate committees, notably Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee, making sure that these committees did not overstep their authority, and

Whereas Dr. Stager has performed notable service for Faculty Senate, both by rewriting many of its resolutions into understandable form and by compiling university policy into an on-line Governance Manual, and

Whereas Dr. Stager has provided information, advice, and wisdom to Faculty Senate for many years,

Now therefore be it resolved that Faculty Senate wishes to thank Dr. Stager for his contributions to Faculty Senate, and

Be it further resolved that Faculty Senate recommends that Dr. James A. Stager be recognized as Advisor of Faculty Senate Emeritus.

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