Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes
March 6, 2001

Motion to Change Representation on the Academic Standards Committee

Currently in Governance Manual

Section 1: University Structure & Governance
Faculty Participation in University Governance
Contract committees, Judicial Committees and Amending Procedures
Faculty Senate/Curriculum Committee
Academic Standards Committee

1. Membership

The Academic Standards Committee consists of:

*This language does not reflect current practice. Faculty Senate previously voted to increase faculty membership to 11.
**Past practice has included the director of financial aid. Designees have often served in their places.

Motion To Replace Language in the Governance manual (see 1.a. below)

The Academic Standards Committee shall be composed of 4 faculty representatives, elected by Faculty Senate, from each of three academic units (School of Education, School of Humanities & Social Science, School of Science & Mathematics) and 1 representative, elected by Faculty Senate, from non-school faculty for overlapping erms of three years. Following the third Faculty Senate meeting of the year, vacant seats may be filled for the remainder of the academic year by faculty from any school of non-school unit.

Motion To Amend Language in the Governance Manual (see 1.c. below)

The director of admissions, director of financial aid, and registrar (or their designees) serve as ex officio voting members.

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