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Faculty Senate Minutes
February 20, 2001



Millersville, Pennsylvania 17551-0302

POSITION: Coordinator of the Freshman Year Experience Pilot Program
Summer Appointment with stipend: Summer 2001 and summer 2002
One-quarter release time: Fall Semester 2001 and Fall Semester 2002

DESCRIPTION: The Coordinator for the Freshman Year Experience Pilot Program at Millersville University will be a member of the faculty who will be given release time/stipend as noted above to oversee the implementation of a pilot program for a holistic freshman year experience during the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 academic years. The coordinator will be the faculty's liaison with the administration concerning the freshman year experience pilot program and will report to the Provost or her designee. He or she will be an advocate for the freshman year experience objectives, acting with the advice and consent of the faculty, and appropriate academic and student affairs administrators.

DUTIES of the Coordinator of the Freshman Year Experience Pilot Program

Coordinate the implementation of the FYE Committee's proposal, by working closely with faculty, FYE Committee members, and designated members of academic and student affairs administration.
Serve as an ex-officio member of the freshman Year Experience Committee.
Consult, as needed, with a member of the administration designated by the Provost.
Compile an annual report on the status of the program to be presented to the Provost.


APPLY TO: Submit a curriculum vita and a letter of interest by March 15, 2001, that highlights your fulfillment of the above selection criteria to:

Dr. Mary Glazier, Chair
FYE Committee
Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Susquehanna House

Freshman Year Experience Pilot Program

The Freshman Year Experience Committee (FYE), comprised of academic affairs, student affiars, faculty, and student members, ahs examined the freshman year at Millersville and explored several initiatives designed to enhance the experiences of freshmen students in academic and co-curricular setttings.

As a result of this exploration FYE has recommended that the university implement a pilot program to provide a holistic freshman year experience during the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 academic years.

The primary goal of the program is to engage students deeply during the first year fot ehri university experience. It is hoped that greater student engagement with the university will result in improved retention and graduation rates, increased student satisfaction with Millersville University and reduced student alcohol abuse.

The chief components of this program are:

The immediate task is to recruit a faculty member to coordinate the program. The program coordinator will serve ex officio as a member of FYE, will work closely with administration and faculty to implement the program and will report back to the Provost regarding the functioning and assessment of the program.

Fall Convocation 2001 will focus on freshman year programming and on the pilot program planned for Millersville University

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