Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Attachment C
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 3, 2001

Resolution for Faculty Emeritus Status
Dr. James J. Sheridan
Whereas Dr. James Sheridan has taught and inspired thousands of students and has earned the enduring respect or hundreds of faculty members during his 32 years of service in the Department of
Psychology at Millersville University, or which he served two terns as Chair, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan helped to establish the Department of Psychology's undergraduate major and was the founding father of its Psychology Club, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan introduced the Fred Keller programmed learning model at. Millersville University and with one of his most clever students, created a simplified system for computerized applications of statistics called "MAMA" ("Maternal Assistance for the Mentally-Advanced"), and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan was the first person to teach courses in the History of Psychology, Learning & Motivation, Sensation & Perception, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Millersville University, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan was a founding faculty of the Psychology Department's honors Program, its Director from 1993 to 2001, and the primary author of a paper in which the program was given SSHE recognition, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan served as the Psychology Department's Faculty Senator and chaired scores of departmental and university-wide committees, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan was the first person to serve two terms as Chapter President of APSCUF_MU, and

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan has served the community as a lifetime member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, as a Rotarian for 22 years, and as a Board Member of Project Forward Leap for 13 years, and,

Whereas Dr. James Sheridan has at home faithfully walked the dog and taken out the trash,

Therefore be it resolved that the Psychology Faculty of Millersville University thank and congratulate Dr. James Sheridan for his numerous valuable contributions to the life of the university and the department and wish him continued success and much happiness, and

Be it further resolved that Dr. James J. Sheridan be granted the title of Professor of Psychology Emeritus.


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