Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment B
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 16, 2002

FROM: Rich France, Chair, Academic Policies Committee
TO: Faculty Senate
RE: Proposal for Approval of General Education (Liberal Art Core) Courses

In addition to obtaining approval from its own school, a course proposed for General Education Liberal Arts Core credit must also be approved by the school in which the General Education credit is sought.

The proposed chain of approval would be:
Department ==>Its School Curriculum Committee
==>Other School's Curriculum Committee (if needed)
==>Faculty Senate

Appeal: Should a course proposed for the Liberal Arts Core be disapproved twice by a School Curriculum Committee (other than departmental), the initiating department shall have the right to appeal to the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee. Should the proposed course be disapproved twice by the UCPRC, the initiating department shall have the right to appeal to the Faculty Senate.

Our current method of approving courses is generally a rapid process once the course gains School approval. This proposal allows ample time for others with, perhaps, a different point of view, to examine the proposed course.

There was a general feeling among members of the Academic Policies Committee that the proposed approval process would provide two positive outcomes:

  1. It would verify that the proposed course does not overlap in a substantial way with current Liberal Arts Core courses from that school, and
  2. It would safeguard the integrity of the Liberal Arts Core curriculum and its approval process.

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