Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment C
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 2, 2002

TO: Millersville University Faculty Senate
FROM: Department of Psychology
SUBJECT: Resolution for Emeritus Status for Dr. G. Albert Forsyth
DATE: April 2, 2002

Resolution for Faculty Emeritus Status
Dr. G. Alfred Forsyth

Whereas Al Forsyth has dedicated extensive caring, time, and energy to teaching, advising, and mentoring his students, and

Whereas Al Forsyth has demonstrated a strong commitment to psychology, research, and education through the publication of textbooks, study guides, instructor's manuals, and journal articles, and through the presentation of conference papers and posters, and

Whereas Al Forsyth has sought to develop a more tolerant, understanding, and peaceful community through numerous social action projects,

Therefore be it resolved that the Psychology Faculty of Millersville University thank and congratulate Dr. G. Alfred Forsyth for making Millersville University and the community a better place and wish him continued success and much happiness, and

Be it further resolved that Dr. G. Alfred Forsyth be granted the title of Professor of Psychology Emeritus.

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