Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #3
Faculty Senate Minutes
November 5, 2002

Rationale for Changes in Undergraduate Course Proposal Cover Sheet

Recently our office suggested changes to the Undergraduate Course Proposal form. We submitted a draft of a revised form, and you requested that we prepare a brief statement of rationale for the proposed changes.

We are hoping to update the form in an attempt to gather all of the information that our office needs in order to populate the Banner catalog, comply with the new computerized faculty load system and maintain DARS. The current form omits critical information for Banner. Many times, we can use the supporting documentation to find our answers; however, that is not always true. We thought the form would be more complete and more useful to everyone if it included complete information.

If these changes are approved, please know that we=d also like to modify the Graduate Course Proposal form and possibly the Academic Proposal form. The purpose for these modifications is to ensure course and program accuracy on Banner, DARS and elsewhere, thus providing better service to faculty and students. It is also intended to streamline the process and eliminate the need for our office to search for missing information.

If you have any questions concerning our proposed changes, please feel free to call Frances Axsmith at extension 5566. Thanks for your consideration of this request.

Candace A. Deen Phone: 717 872-3771
Acting Registrar FAX: 717 872-3016
Millersville University
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551

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