Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment I
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 16, 2002

TO: Millersville University Faculty Senate
FROM: The MU Physics Department Faculty
Date April 16, 2002
Re: Emeritus Resolution for Dr. Joseph W. Grosh

The Department of Physics unanimously approves and recommends to the Faculty Senate the following resolution:

WHEREAS Dr. Grosh, Professor of Physics, is retiring in August 2002 after 33 years of service to the university; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh served a term as chair of the Physics Department; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh established and coordinated our Computer Engineering Program; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh had primary responsibility for the development of our electronics course sequence and taught courses for the Computer Science Department; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh developed and taught a perspectives course, "Physics and the Evolution of Western Civilization"; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh modified and added new technology to our Musical Acoustics course and served as a consultant for an area firm; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh made many presentations to area groups and taught an Electronics for Respiratory Therapy course at St. Joseph's Hospital; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh served on numerous school and university committees and as a member of the APSCUF representative council; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh regularly attended and participated in professional and scholarly meetings; and
WHEREAS Dr. Grosh has been an enjoyable colleague and an outstanding teacher who actually remembered students names.
that Dr. Joseph W. Grosh be granted the honorary title of Professor of Physics Emeritus.

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