Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Meeting of the Faculty Senate
April 15, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 4:08 pm. All academic departments were represented except Art and Nursing.

I. Minutes of the March 18, 2003 and April 1, 2003 Meetings

The minutes of the March 18 meeting were approved as distributed and the minutes of the April 1 meeting were approved as amended. Corrections to April 1, 2003 minutes were as follows:

Under Item IX., everything after the first sentence was replaced with "The intent of the rescinded proposal was to establish a procedure for approval of Liberal Arts core courses originating outside departments usually associated with a particular label (G1, G2 or G3). An E. Blazer/R. Bookmiller motion to approve the proposal submitted by F. Bremer {See Attachment #2}, which accomplishes essentially the same goal, passed."

Under Item XIV., the minutes should simply read "This item was postponed indefinitely upon passage of a J. Miller/B. Stengel motion."

II. Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

Today's agenda was intended to be brief so that the Faculty Senate members could attend the reception in honor of President Select McNairy.

The following curricular approvals have been received:

III. Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate elections were scheduled for April 17.

IV. Report of the Graduate Student Organization

No report.

V. Report of the Administrative Officers

No report.

VI. Report of Faculty Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC Chair R. Wismer reported the following to be acted on at the May 6, 2003 Senate meeting:

Academic Policies Committee chair R. Kerper presented the Committee's report on the International Studies program {See Attachment #2}. The Committee proposed that the International Studies Curriculum Committee be convened and a chair elected. APC also recommended that all bodies involved with interdisciplinary studies should attend a meeting discussing how such programs should be administered in keeping with the Governance Manual. A B. Stengel/B. Dorman amendment to invite to the joint meeting of curricular bodies involved in interdisciplinary studies representatives from the Gerontology and Environmental Sciences programs (and any other such programs on campus) passed. The amended proposal was postponed until the May 6 Senate meeting on a S. Luek/C. Heintzelman motion.

VII. Reports of the Faculty Senate Special Committees

No Report.

VIII. Proposed Courses and Programs

IX. Faculty Emeritus


X. Senate Secretary Election

Postponed until the May 6 meeting.

XI. Discussion of Teacher/Educator of the Year Award

Postponed until the May 6 meeting.

XII. New Business/Other

A motion calling for a Special Order to continue consideration of the International Studies proposals from the Academic Policies Committee after the Chairman's report at the May 6, 2003 meeting passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Studdard

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